What Should I Consider Before Buying a Hot Tub?

Deciding to purchase a hot tub is an exciting time but also a serious investment that needs to be carefully considered to ensure you select a model that will suit your needs long term.

Different models and manufacturers differ in quality, features, and benefits as well as additional options that can be customized. Knowing the key features and benefits to look for as well as what to avoid will help you choose the right model for your lifestyle and requirements.

In this article, we will discuss the important features that you should look for when shopping for a hot tub as well as what to avoid.
Things to Look For:

There are three very important features to consider that will help you select the best model that is comfortable, suits your needs and is provides maximum enjoyment.

Cleaning Features

What is involved in maintaining and cleaning a hot tub can greatly vary between models. Knowing what to expect is essential before making a purchase. If you are looking for a hot tub that will minimize the amount of time required on cleaning, choose a self-cleaning one that will automatically skim and filter the water as well as vacuum the floor.
Massage Jets

Therapeutic massage programs and comforting massage jets are one of the main reasons that people enjoy using hot tubs. Every model will have different styles and types of jets which range in their program features and pressure settings. Ask your dealer what models have the best wellness programs and custom massage options so that you can target and soothe the areas that your body needs the most. Hot tubs are especially beneficial for helping with joint and back pain but there are also models that are designed to treat a wider range of health issues, such as insomnia.

Design & Comfort

It is important to try different models and compare their comfort levels as all hot tubs are not created equal. Ask your dealer if you can perform a wet test, where the hot tub is filled with water so you can experience first hand the comfort and design of the model. Also look for versatile features such as ergonomic or multi-level seating that will accommodate different shapes and sizes of users.

Things to Avoid:

No one wants to purchase a hot tub to find out their dealer offers poor support and service or that their energy bills will skyrocket.

Cheap Insulation

When a hot tub only contains exterior insulation, it will end up costing more and increasing your monthly utility bill as it requires much more electricity to heat. Ask for models that are equipped with hardcovers that will retain heat, thermal vents, thermal shields and that use high-flow/low-flow energy pumps. If you want to maximize your energy efficiency, select a model that is approved by the Commission for Environmental Cooperation. For the models that you may be considering, always ask your dealer what the average monthly costs are to operate.

Basic Warranty

Lower cost models may only include a basic warranty, which you may regret down the road if a critical part of your hot tub needs to be replaced. Selecting a model with a comprehensive warranty can help save money over the lifetime of your hot tub, should an issue arise. Search for a warranty that includes 5 years for acrylic surface coverage, a 10-year structural warranty and 3 years of parts and labor.

Dealers with No Reputation or Poor Reputations

Sometimes a price tag that appears too good to be true may just be that. Always take the time to read reviews and research your local hot tub dealers. Purchasing a hot tub is a significant investment and you want to be confident that your dealer will be in business long term and able to support you should an issue arise. Ask questions about if they provide local service and support, if they stock parts and perform their own repairs as well as how long they have been in business for.

Now that you know the most important considerations for buying a hot tub, you can start the exciting process of finding the model that is perfect for you. To learn more, download a hot tub buyer’s guide.

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