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When you want to bring your friends or family together and have fun, a hot tub is the perfect place to do it. Sit back, relax, share conversation, and let your stress melt away. Hot tubs are proven to deliver physical, mental, and emotional therapeutic benefits to enhance your life.

We are dedicated to selling only the highest quality hot tubs with the individualized options that will perfectly fit your lifestyle.

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Hot Tub Benefits

Hot water has been used for its therapeutic values for centuries. There are records of hydrotherapy dating back to the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. It’s thought that Chinese and Japanese traditions of using hot water for therapeutic purposes date back even further. Therefore, it’s not hard to understand the popularity of today’s modern backyard hot tubs and spas. And although many people might think that a hot tub is a simple novelty, there are a number of actual health benefits that can be attained by using one.

Stress Relief

Although we may live in a period of history filled with countless opportunities for leisure and recreation, we seem to simultaneously suffer extraordinarily high levels of stress. Winding down after a hard day’s work, a bad commute or an overload of information can be made easier by spending some soaking time in a hot tub. Warm water has been associated with the release of dopamine, a stress fighting hormone. When you couple massaging jets, aromatherapy, mood lighting and sultry sounds coming out of a stereo, you have the perfect recipe for peace and tranquility.

Pain Relief

Whether you’re suffering from chronic pain due to a medical condition or an accident or are experiencing temporary pain due to being overworked, regularly soaking in a hot tub can provide the pain relief you’re looking for. The massaging jets combined with the water’s warmth will relax your body and soothe away the aches and pain. The buoyant properties of water will also relieve pressure on joints, muscles, and bones. A hot tub can play a significant role in relieving several different types of pain.

Lactic Acid Reduction

If you’re suffering from sore muscles, it’s typically due to a buildup of lactic acid. Lactic acid is created to allow the muscles to continue their work without the benefit of oxygen. When the lactic acid buildup is greater than what being burned off, the result is muscle pain. Soaking in a hot tub is a good way to reduce the levels of lactic acid. The massaging jets aid in increasing blood circulation which promotes the acid’s breakdown. If you find your workouts are leaving you with sore, consider using a hot tub to get you feeling back to your normal self.

Improve the Health of Your Heart

Regularly soaking in a hot tub can improve your cardiovascular health. It’s been found that the increase in body temperature caused by the spa can increase your heart rate and lower your blood pressure. Increasing the amount of blood that the heart pumps with each beat reduces stress on the heart by allowing it to become more efficient. If you exhibit symptoms of poor blood circulation such as numbness of the extremities, pain, fatigue or shortness of breath, soaking in a hot tub can help dilate the blood vessels, reduce blood pressure and improve blood flow. And although a hot tub won’t cure you of any heart problems, it can provide temporary relief of the symptoms. Make sure to speak to a doctor for advice relating to your specific situation.

Improve Sleeping Patterns

Another condition that seems to be growing in our modern age is the inability to sleep properly. Insomnia and other related sleep disorders are associated with lower productivity, increased the likelihood of accidents and reduced life expectancy. A hot tub can help with your sleeping problems by allowing you to fall asleep quicker, get a deeper and sounder sleep and allow you to get through the night without waking up. It’s been found that the increase and decrease in body temperature caused by getting in and out of a hot tub produces a relaxation which is conducive to a better night’s sleep. Soaking in a spa for 20 minutes a couple of hours before bedtime might be the answer to your inner insomniac’s needs.

How to Buy A Hot Tub?

After going over the list of advantages related to using a hot tub, you might be ready to make the leap and purchase a new one for your home. But how do you buy a spa? There will be several factors which will play a role in the type of hot tub that will suit your needs. There’s an astonishingly wide array of spa choices out there, so you’ll need to ask yourself some questions to figure out which model will best suit your needs. We’ve got a list to help get you started.

How Much Are You Willing to Spend?

Once you’ve got clearance from your doctor, you should probably get clearance from your banker. High-end spas can end up costing more than a luxury car. However, if your credit limit (or significant other) won’t allow for such expenditures, there’s no need to despair. You can pick up a cheap, inflatable hot tub for less than $500. Of course, it’s not going to be very big, last very long or have all the bells and whistles, but you’ll be able to set it up quickly and get some immediate satisfaction. If you want your hot tub to be more permanent, hold more people and feature some perks, expect to pay more.

How Many People Will Use It?

You can get a two-seater, or you can go all out and get one that holds eight people or more. If you have a family, you’ll probably want a larger tub. If you plan to have friends over all the time, bigger will obviously be better. But if you’re a serious athlete who plans to only use it for post-training relaxation, an 8-person tub might be overkill. Decide accordingly.

Where Will It Go?

You need to make sure the tub of your choice will fit where you want it to go in your Richmond home. If it’s going in your basement make sure it will fit through the the door frames, check that the stairs are wide enough, you don’t want last minute renovations to create access. Before you make the purchase, ensure it will fit!

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Save up to $4,500 on Hot Tubs!
Offer Ends May 5