• Can Hot Tubs Be Installed Indoors?

    When someone imagines a hot tub in their mind’s eye, they might see a romantic couple sitting in warm bubbly water under a starry sky with a full moon illuminating the water’s surface.  But this then begs the question, “Can hot tubs be installed indoors?”  The fact is that they can!  But that’s not to […]

  • Can Hot Tubs Help You Lose Weight?

    Our modern society is clearly obsessed with image.  Although it may not be as extreme as it has been quite recently, slim, svelte and slender bodies are continually foisted upon us as the ideal body type.  For this reason, whole industries have been created and shaped by the desire to lose weight.  The hot tub […]

  • How to Run a Hot Tub Economically?

    For those in the market for a new hot tub, whether first-time buyers or hot tubbing veterans, one of the considerations that always seems to come up is how much they will cost to run.  This is a valid concern since your electricity and water use will go up once you’ve installed a hot tub.  […]

  • How are Swim Spas Heated?

    For those who but don’t have a lot of space but are interested in being able to swim and soak within the privacy of their own property, a swim spa can be a great compromise.  Swim spas are composed of a compact water tank which contains a powerful motor that creates a current strong enough […]

  • How Much Electricity Does a Swim Spa Use?

    There are many questions to consider when installing a swim spa in your home or backyard.  How big is your budget?  How much space do you have to spare?  How do you plan on using your swim spa?  You might also be wondering about the operating costs of a swim spa.  To help shed some […]

  • Do I Need a Concrete Pad for a Swim Spa?

    Congratulations on your decision to buy a swim spa!  As you probably well know, swim spas are becoming more and more popular these days due to their compact size, relatively low maintenance and flexibility compared to full-sized swimming pools.  The ability to soak and swim in a small space makes this economical investment a preferred […]

  • How Hot Does a Swim Spa Get?

    Although they first came on the market in the 70s, swim spas have become more popular than ever.  It may be because we find ourselves living in smaller spaces while perceiving the need to make the most out of the space that we do have available to us.  Although they’re more popular than ever, we […]

  • How to Determine if a Deck Can Support a Hot Tub

    Deciding to buy a hot tub is an exciting moment for the new buyer.  However, there are many considerations that need to take place before you’ll be able to enjoy the bubbling warmth of your new hot tub’s waters.  Where you install your hot tub is one of the first things that you’ll need to […]

  • Can You Put Pool Chemicals in a Hot Tub?

    Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’re running low on hot tub chemicals?  Taking a look around your stock you might’ve noticed that you had more than enough swimming pool chemicals to last the entire season, which made you wonder, “Can you put pool chemicals in a hot tub?”  At first glance, […]

  • Can You Add Pool Chemicals at the Same Time?

    You may not have realized it when you first decided on installing an above ground  pool, but you’ve volunteered yourself to become a regular water tester.  Keeping your swimming pool water balanced will ensure your water remains clean, safe and fresh.  You’ll need to take regular measurements and add chemicals to the water depending on […]