• How Do Swim Spas Keep You Fit?

    Our modern lifestyles appear to have driven up our stress and obesity levels. We’ve been told we’re not eating properly or getting enough exercise. This has caused many people to look for new and novel ways to get in shape. Swimmers who have been denied access to public swimming pools and gyms because of global […]

  • How to Clean My Swim Spa

    As with most everything fun and entertaining, there’s often some sort of responsibility or careful consideration that’s required to allow the amusement to occur. Swim spas are no different. While they provide an amazingly convenient space to swim, soak, exercise and enjoy the water, there are a handful of other important tasks that need to […]

  • What Can You Do with a Swim Spa?

    Swim spas are a great alternative for keen swimmers who don’t have space for a lap pool or full-sized swimming pool. The compact size of swim spas allows them to be installed in smaller spaces that are more typically available to modern-day urban dwellers. But what can you do with a swim spa? If you’re […]

  • How Hydropool Swim Spa Is Made

    Hydropool has long been a world leader in aquatic recreation. Since its inception in 1970, it has provided the world with high-quality swimming pools, hot tubs and swim spas. The company now sells through retail partners in more than 50 countries. So, what has made Hydropool such a successful company? Focus on design, reliability and […]

  • How Do Self-Cleaning Hot Tubs Work?

    One of the most common concerns among potential hot tub buyers is the amount of time and effort they’d need to invest in keeping their hot tub clean. It’s true that a poorly maintained hot tub can pose health risks, so cleanliness is an important part of hot tub safety. However, most hot tub manufacturers […]

  • How to Disinfect a Hot Tub?

    Although most people who use hot tubs don’t necessarily think about water chemistry or regular maintenance procedures, someone needs to take care of those things to ensure the hot tub remains safe for bathing. Due to the high water temperatures and a relatively small amount of water, untreated hot tubs can quickly become overrun with […]

  • How Similar Are Hot Tubs and Swimming Pools?

    It pays to be well informed before making a major purchase. Deciding between a hot tub or a swimming pool should be preceded by thoughtful research and information gathering so you’re able to make the right decision. Investing in something that’s rarely used or doesn’t provide the options you were looking for will invariably lead […]

  • Why Are Hot Tubs Good for You?

    You might think that hot tubs are all about parties and hanging out with family and friends and you’d be right! However, there are also health benefits that are associated with using a hot tub. Why are hot tubs good for you? There are many different reasons. In this article, we’ll cover some of the […]

  • Do Swim Spas Need Chemicals?

    If you don’t have access to a lot of space, a swim spa may be an ideal substitute for a full-sized swimming pool. Similar to a full-sized swimming pool, you’ll need to regularly add chemicals to your swim spa. Why do swim spas need chemicals? Because swim spas are closed systems that simply recirculate a […]

  • How To Drain a Swim Spa?

    Swim spas are a perfect alternative to a full-sized swimming pool or a lap pool if there’s not enough space to install the larger tanks. Relatively speaking, swim spas are compact and can fit into areas that wouldn’t be able to hold their larger counterparts. But just because you have a swim spa doesn’t mean […]