• How Heavy is a Hot Tub?

    First time hot tub buyers often have many questions and rightly so! A hot tub is a major purchase, not only in price, but also size. Installing something as big as a hot tub, knowing that it will be properly supported is extremely important. Simply plopping a hot tub down on your lawn can lead […]

  • How Does a Swim Spa Compare to Lap Swimming?

    Swim spas were the answer for swimming fanatics who were more accustomed to urban living and smaller plots of property. Even though lap pools were originally the solution for those without the space for a full sized swimming pool, they still often required a piece of land of at least 40 feet in length. With […]

  • How to Get into a Swim Spa?

    The global pandemic has greatly increased interest in home based fitness and recreation situations. Swim spas have become especially popular due to the fact that they provide both fitness and relaxation opportunities while being able to be operated outdoors even in the depths of a frigid winter. With a swim spa at home you no […]

  • How Often Should I Shock My Swim Spa?

    Unfortunately, there’s more to owning a swim spa than simply practicing your swimming strokes and relaxing in a refreshing pool of water. For the swim spa to be refreshing, a comprehensive maintenance schedule needs to be put in place. Testing the water chemistry, adding chemicals to the water, cleaning the filter cartridges and maintaining the […]

  • Who Makes the Best Hot Tub?

    Of the many questions we hear from first time hot tub buyers, “Who makes the best hot tub?” is probably the question we hear the most. This is a totally legitimate question.  Wading into the world of hot tubs can be a daunting process for those who’ve never owned a hot tub before. It’s an […]

  • Why is My Hot Tub Foaming?

    Foam might be considered a good thing under certain circumstances. When you’re washing your car, brushing your teeth or want a frothy head on your pint of beer, but excessive foam in your hot tub means that there’s something wrong. It won’t necessarily harm your hot tub or seriously damage your health, but excessive foaming […]

  • How Much Power Does a Hot Tub Use?

    Being a first time hot tub buyer is a very exciting time. Looking forward to soaking in a hot tub can bring a tingle to your body even before you set foot in the water, but any potential hot tub buyers have practical concerns. And rightly so! You don’t want to walk blindly into a […]

  • What to Know Before Buying a Hot Tub?

    If you’ve decided to buy a hot tub, we want to congratulate you! It won’t be long before you’re soaking in the warm and relaxing waters that hot tubs are well known for. If you’ve never bought a hot tub before, you may feel like you’ve stepped into a world that has little to no […]

  • How Long Should You Be in a Hot Tub?

    There’s nothing like soaking in a hot tub. The feeling is so divine that you might wish you could spend the rest of your day there! Although that’s far from realistic, what is the limit for spending time in a hot tub? How long should you be in a hot tub? The answer to that […]

  • New Year’s Swim Spa Resolutions

    The new year is commonly used as a time to come up with resolutions for a better year to come! Being that we’re in the swim spa business, we thought this would be a perfect time to create resolutions that will ensure a better coming year for our swim spas. To find out our new […]