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Not only is a swim spa the perfect training center for everyone from competitive athletes to everyday swimmers, but a swim spa is an excellent choice when you’re looking for a compact size, a lower cost than a swimming pool, and ease of maintenance.

You can choose from one of our many Hydropool models or get a custom-built swim spa that is unique to your needs. From fitness to pleasure, we have the options that are perfect for you and provide family fun 365 days per year.

Hydropool AquaSport

Provides a fun-filled, affordable swimming experience for you and your family all year round.


Hydropool AquaTrainer

Provides the best swimming experience and superior performance for swimmers and competitive athletes.


Hydropool Executive Series

Provides the perfect combination of a hot tub, swim spa and aquatic gym all-in-one.

Executive Trainer

Swim Spa Benefits


The main benefit of the swim spa is that it allows you to get in a good swimming workout in a small space. In today’s urban environment, many people no longer have the space to install a full-sized pool. And even if you do have space for an above ground pool, it’s very likely it’ll be much smaller than an Olympic sized pool. What you’ll find is that your workouts consist of as much turning around as they do actual swimming. The swim spa allows for long, uninterrupted workouts.


Because swim spas are much smaller than the average swimming pool, you’ll find that your maintenance duties and costs are also proportionately smaller. Cleaning will require less work, you’ll use fewer chemicals to keep the water fresh and your electricity bills will be much lower compared to a swimming pool/hot tub combination.

Both Fitness and Relaxation

Swim spas provide all the fun aspects of both swimming pools and hot tubs all contained within a single unit. You’re able to get in a good swimming workout from the patented swim jets, some feature a built in underwater treadmill that allow you to walk, jog or run in waters low-impact environment, plus you can relax in warm, massaging waters. A swim spa still provides all the social aspects associated with swimming pools and hot tubs within the comfort of your own home.


While many hot tubs are portable, most swimming pools are not. If you install a swim spa and decide to move, you can take the unit with you. You wouldn’t have that kind of flexibility with a full-sized swimming pool and complimentary hot tub. Because most swim spas are completely self-contained units, if you decide to move you won’t have to worry about digging up pipes or ripping up your backyard.

Self-Contained Units

Unless you’re building a permanent in-ground model, swim spas are typically portable. They’re self-contained units equipped with pumps, motors, and heaters enclosed inside a single structure. It may be composed of fiberglass, acrylic, thermoplastics, steel or a combination of them. All that’s needed for installation is a solid, level concrete foundation and a power supply.

The Swimming Current

One end of the swim spa contains an array of powerful water jets that create the current that you’ll be swimming against. You’ll be able to adjust this current to suit the intensity of the swimming workout you’re looking for. This ensures that you’ll never reach the end of the pool or need to turn around. This is where the concept of the endless pool originates from.

The Spa

For those looking for a hot tub experience, many swim spas come with seating arrangements built into the unit. These seats also feature massaging jets. By turning up the heat you’ll have yourself one of the biggest hot tubs on the block. For those who don’t want to be continually fiddling with the temperature to accommodate swimming or hot tubbing, there are models that have two distinct tanks – one for swimming and one for soaking.

Buying A Swim Spa

Now that you’ve learned about what a swim spa actually is and all the benefits they provide, you may be wondering what you would need to know before buying such a unit. It’s best to ask yourself a series of questions that will help narrow down your choices and guide you to a model that would suit your needs.

Where Will You Install It?

Knowing where you’re going to put the new addition to your home will play a role in what model will work best for you. If space is not an issue you may have a wider range of choice. However, if you’re working with tight spaces, we can make sure that the installation will be smooth.

What Features Are Most Important to You?

Are you buying a swim spa primarily for swimming workouts? Are you looking for a place to socialize and relax? Or maybe you want to do both at the same time. If you’re serious about your swimming, but also like the idea of relaxing in a hot tub with family and friends, you might want to consider a dual tank system. If you’re more concerned about swimming but might have a hot tub party once in a while, a single tank system may be sufficient for your needs.

What About Accessories?

Aside from choosing between single and dual tank models, there’s a huge choice of other manufacturer accessories that can make your workouts and hot tub parties even more enjoyable. You can get various control panels, customized jet systems, mood lighting, sound systems, noise reduction systems, water features such as waterfalls, advanced water purification systems and more. It’s worthwhile to take some time studying the various accessories to ensure you end up with your ideal system.

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Save up to $6,000 on a Swim Spa!
Offer Ends Jul 3