How to Install a Hot Tub

How to Install a Hot Tub

Once you’ve decided to buy your first hot tub, you could be forgiven for concentrating more on the time spent relaxing in the heated water and not really thinking about the details of actually having it installed. One sounds like pure pleasure whereas the other sounds like actual work! You’ll be happy to know that with a bit of self education and foresight it’s possible to install a hot tub without too much hassle. So if you’re now wondering how to install a hot tub, we’ve put together a short primer to get you thinking about things you may not have already thought about.

Installation Delivery

Very few people have the means to get a hot tub from the store and back to their house by themselves. Fortunately, most hot tub dealers are well versed in doing this and will deliver the hot tub to your desired location. You will still need to plan ahead to allow this to happen smoothly. A hot tub may be much bigger than it looks in the showroom, especially when it’s on a dolly and being wheeled into your backyard. It’s important to ensure that it can pass through freely without being hindered. Make sure to measure any tight spaces and overhead clearances. Getting it wrong can lead to last minute house alterations or having your hot tub sitting on your front lawn until you can figure out what to do. If you know the hot tub definitely can’t be wheeled to your desired location, you could hire a crane service to have it lifted into place. Your hot tub dealer should be able to help if you need this type of service.


You’ll need power to run the water jets and heater that hot tubs are so well known for. In regards to power supply there are two different kinds of hot tubs. One is the 110 Volt plug and play system while the other is the 220 Volt hardwired system. Plug and play hot tubs allow you to plug them into a GFCI electrical outlet. Hardwired models, on the other hand, require an electrician to connect the hot tub to a specialized 220 Volt outlet. You can speak with your hot tub retailer to help you decide which type might be best for you.

Water Source

Although it may seem obvious, you should have easy access to a water source. Once installed you’ll need to fill your hot tub and you probably won’t want to be carrying several hundred gallons of water in buckets to do so. If you don’t already have a nearby tap, it would be a smart investment to have one installed. Not only will you have to top off your hot tub from time to time, to keep the water clean and fresh you’ll need to empty the hot tub and refill it about three or four times a year. Having a nearby water source will make this a much easier process.


Unfortunately, you can’t just set your hot tub down anywhere. You’ll need to prepare a properly leveled and stable foundation for it to sit on. Failure to do so could lead to the hot tub cracking and/or collapsing. There are a few different ways to create a foundation, each with their own pros and cons. Poured concrete or concrete pavers may be seen as somewhat more permanent, but may require a bit more expertise. Wooden decks are also very popular, but they often need to be stabilized to be able to carry the weight of a hot tub full of people and water.

Now that you’ve learned the basics of how to install a hot tub, download a free buyer’s guide.

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