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Easy Maintenance Tips That Add Years to Your Hot Tub’s Lifespan

Whether you’re looking to purchase a hot tub or you already have one, you’re likely looking to keep it in the best condition for as long as possible. Most hot tubs are designed to last up to twenty years, and with proper care and maintenance, you can maximize your spa’s lifespan. Here’s what you need to know about the average lifespan of a hot tub and what you can do to get more years of enjoyment out of it!

How Many Years Will Your Hot Tub Last?

Many people consider a hot tub to be a great investment because it can last for an average of 15 to 20 years. That’s a lot of years to enjoy the amazing benefits of hydrotherapy, massage, and relaxation! You can expect your hot tub to last even longer, depending on how you take care of it and its overall quality.

When you’re in the market for a hot tub, it pays to do your research on the manufacturer. Doing this will help you get an idea of the quality of a hot tub and how long you can expect it to last. How long has the brand been in business? Do they have a reputation for designing spas that withstand the test of time? Is sustainability a priority for them? One example of a hot tub manufacturer that checks all these boxes is Hydropool. For over 50 years, Hydropool has been the leading name when it comes to durable hot tubs that last for many years. You can also talk to your local hot tub dealer to get more information on the Hydropool spas available in your region.

How Long Will the Components of a Hot Tub Stay in Great Shape?

Now that you know the average lifespan of a hot tub, you may be wondering how long it’s running parts will last. Here’s a closer look at each one:

The Shell

Because it’s made of durable materials, you can count on your hot tub shell to last for 15-20 years. There are even hot tub models made with above-average materials that last up to 30 years!

The Heater and Pumps

The heater and the pumps can put in about 7 – 10 years of work before they start to wear out.

The Jets

You can also expect your hot tub’s jets to last between 7 – 10 years.

What You Can Do to Make Your Hot Tub Last Longer

If you’re looking to increase the lifespan of your hot tub, here are a few steps you can take:

1. Have A Regular Cleaning Schedule – Keeping your hot tub clean is one of the best ways to make it last for years. Make sure you scrub and vacuum your hot tub at least once a week to get rid of any dirt and debris.

2. Change the Water – As a general rule, it’s important to drain and refill the water in your hot tub at least once every three months. This will help prevent the build-up of bacteria that can damage your hot tub over time.

3. Use a Hot Tub Cover – When you’re not using your hot tub, make sure you cover it with a good-quality cover to protect it from dirt, debris, and the elements.

4. Test the Water – Make it a habit to check the chemical levels in your hot tub on a regular basis. This will give you an idea of how well the water is balanced and what adjustments you need to make in order to keep the water safe and clean. High acidity or high alkalinity can damage the components of your hot tub over time.

5. Have Regular Maintenance Checks – Make sure you get your hot tub completely checked out by a professional at least once per year. This will help you identify any minor problems that could become major issues in the future and allow you to fix them before they become too costly.

Taking good care of your hot tub is the key to making it last as long as possible. When you take the necessary steps for proper maintenance, you can expect your hot tub to provide years of relaxation and enjoyment for you and your loved ones.

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