• Are Hot Tub and Pool Chemicals the Same?

    Those who have been around swimming pools and hot tubs for any length of time might eventually notice that the ingredients in the chemical additives used to balance the water chemistry might, at first glance, appear to be the same. This is despite the fact that they’re clearly labeled either hot tub chemicals or swimming […]

  • What Causes Hot Tub Bubbles?

    Bubbles might be desirable if you’re thinking about a glass of champagne, a bottle of soda or a bubble bath, but you don’t want excessive bubbles and foam when you’re in a hot tub. Usually, a surfeit of foam in a hot tub means that something is out of balance. If you find that foam […]

  • Will a Hot Tub Help a Sprained Ankle?

    Most people think of a hot tub as a place to relax and reduce stress levels or as a place for socializing with family and friends. Convalescence is not usually the first thing that springs to mind when someone mentions a hot tub. However, a hot tub can play an important role in recovery from […]

  • How to Raise Hot Tub pH?

    When most people think about hot tubs, they usually think about relaxing in the warm, massaging waters while allowing their cares to melt away. What most people don’t consider when thinking about hot tubs is what’s needed to keep the water clean, safe and healthy. Unbalanced water chemistry in a hot tub can cause a […]

  • What is a Hot Tub Blower?

    When a house features a hot tub, there are typically many people who benefit from its use without ever really knowing or caring how the hot tub works. And there’s no problem with that! Worrying about the internal workings of a hot tub is hardly conducive to relaxation. However, some people are naturally more curious […]

  • Are Hot Tubs Healthy?

    Although many people might think that hot tubs are simply used for fun, socialization, and relaxation, they may not realize that there can also be health benefits associated with hot tub use. Warm water has many properties that can be beneficial to both the body and the mind. And although you should check with your […]

  • How Much Hot Tub Do I Need?

    Those in the market for their first hot tub may find themselves asking the question, “How much hot tub do I need?” It’s a completely valid concern as you don’t want to end up with something that’s too small, nor do you want to have a surplus of unused hot tub space. In order to […]

  • Why Does My Hot Tub Go Cloudy?

    Of all the questions we get regarding hot tubs, one of the most common is, “Why does my hot tub go cloudy?” Because there are so many different reasons why this could be happening, it’s a completely valid question. To allow hot tub owners to pinpoint the source of their own cloudy water woes, we’ve […]

  • Can Hot Tubs Be Cold in Summer?

    The fact that hot tubs can be used in virtually any type of weather makes them appealing to people in a wide variety of locations. For those who suffer from cold winters, a hot tub can provide a welcome respite from bone-chilling temperatures. But what about those who experience incredibly hot summers? The last thing […]

  • How to Keep Hot Tub Water Crystal Clear

    Using a hot tub should be a relaxing, healthy and refreshing experience. But if your hot tub water is dirty, cloudy and smelly you will hardly feel refreshed and relaxed. It doesn’t take a lot of work to keep your hot tub water clean, but you will definitely need to follow some basic steps to […]