• Does a Hot Tub Dehydrate You?

    When your body expels more water than what you are consuming, you can quickly become dehydrated. This can happen regardless of your age, but it is more common in hot weather, humid weather, when exercising, or even when in a hot tub. To answer, ‘Can a hot tub dehydrate you?’, it can but there are […]

  • How Do Hot Tub Jets Work?

    Hot tubs are notorious for their relaxing warm waters, but many people have not thought too much about what makes the experience truly soothing, the hot tub jet. In simple terms, hot tub jets are created to push water in various directions, providing pressure streams that focus on specific areas of the body. In the […]

  • Can a Hot Tub Sit on a Deck?

    There are few improvements you can make to your home that will bring as much joy as a hot tub. If you open up landscaping magazines you will find beautiful decks topped with a hot tub, giving off the essence of the perfect outdoor living area. While a deck may certainly be the best area […]

  • Outdoor Hot Tub FAQ

    If you have decided that an outdoor hot tub will be best for your home, you probably have a number of questions on your mind. This is actually a very good thing when it comes to hot tubs. Asking questions and doing research means you will be able to make the best decision possible when […]

  • Can I Use a Hot Tub Everyday?

    A common question that hot tub dealers get from potential buyers is, ‘Can I use a hot tub everyday?’ To answer this question, yes, you can safely enjoy your hot tub whenever you please. Although, it is probably better to ask yourself, ‘Will I be using my hot tub on a daily basis?’ instead. Unfortunately […]

  • How Often Should I Change My Hot Tub Filter?

    If you have recently bought a hot tub or are about to become a new hot tub owner, it is important to understand what the hot tub filter does, how it must be cleaned and how to know when it needs to be replaced. Although small, it’s this little component that will be largely responsible […]

  • What Are Some Best Features a Hot Tub Should Have?

    All hot tubs are not created equal and it can be confusing as a potential buyer to know what features are the most important for quality and enjoyment. Before you start to hunt for hot tub models and promotions, make sure you understand what the best characteristics of a hot tub are so that you […]

  • How Do You Clean Hot Tub Filters?

    As a new hot tub owner, you are probably aware that the filter in your hot tub will need regular cleaning to ensure great performance, clean water and help increase the lifespan of your unit. But you might not know how or how often you need to be cleaning your filter.  In the article below, […]

  • Will a Hot Tub Help Arthritis?

    Arthritis is a common form of joint pain that has been estimated to affect nearly 25% of adults in North America alone. While many people frequently associate arthritis as a condition that only happens to us as we age, there are lots of young adults who also suffer from joint swelling, pain and limited mobility […]

  • Will Hot Tub Water Kill My Grass?

    If you’ve got a 650-gallon hot tub that’s been installed in your backyard and it’s almost time to drain and clean it for the first time, you may be wondering if the water from a hot tub will kill your grass or destroy your landscaping. In the article below, we’ll discuss how you can safely […]