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How to Get Ready For a Hot Tub or Swim Spa Delivery

If it’s your first time buying a hot tub or swim spa, you might be wondering how the delivery will work. Below, we’ll go over the process, what factors you need to consider, and how to prepare for your new hot tub or swim spa.

Some Factors That Can Affect the Delivery Process

1. The Spa Dimensions

The size and weight of a hot tub or swim spa will determine its delivery. If you ordered an average-sized spa, the delivery crew will arrive in a truck and use a cart or forklift to bring the unit into your backyard. For bigger or heavier hot tubs and spas, a crane will be used for delivery. It’s important to make sure that low-hanging power lines or trees won’t get in the way of the crane if this is the kind of delivery you will be having.

No matter the size or weight of your spa, it’s essential to finalize your decision on where you want to place it. This way, you can take the necessary steps to ensure the foundation is even and can withstand the weight of your spa before its arrival.

2. How Big the Space Is

Your delivery method will also be affected by the layout of your backyard and how big the entry point would be. The pathway should be at least as wide as the height of the hot tub or swim spa, with a little extra wiggle room. If the access point to your backyard is too small, using a cart or a forklift might not be an option. In some cases, traditional delivery methods won’t work for the space available. This is why it’s critical to measure the entryway first and consult with your hot tub dealer so you can discuss possible alternatives.

3. The Possibility of a Winter Delivery

If you experience a lot of snow where you live, you might be wondering how your hot tub or swim spa will be delivered. You might be surprised to learn that delivery can push through without issue on a typical winter day. In the case of blizzards, though, you will likely need to postpone bringing home your new spa. The specific procedures will vary from one location to another, so discussing with your hot tub and spa dealer is best.

There are a couple of steps you can take to ensure that a winter delivery goes well. First, you should clear out the snow or ice in the area where you plan on placing your hot tub or swim spa. You should do this consistently several days before the delivery schedule. Also ensure that you don’t fill your hot tub or swim spa with water before your electrician comes.

What You Can Do to Ensure a Smooth Delivery

The hot tub or swim spa delivery process is pretty simple. Some hot tub or swim spa dealers even offer installation services. And while it’s true that your provider’s delivery team are experts at what they do, there are still steps you can take to ensure that the whole process goes smoothly.

  • Make planning a priority – Before you schedule a hot tub or swim spa delivery, you should finalize all the details and plan accordingly. You should ensure that the measurements of your new spa fit the measurements of your space. Double-check all the details to avoid any issues on the day of the delivery.
  • Inspect your space and get it ready – It’s best to clean the area thoroughly and check if the ground is solid and level. You should also ensure that the spot you chose has the appropriate distance from your home, electrical components and other structures that might cause obstruction.
  • Update your electrician with all the necessary information – Of course, you should coordinate with your electrician when it comes to all the details of the delivery process so you can plan out what needs to be done during installation.
  • Let your neighbors know in advance – Informing your neighbors of the delivery will help them prepare for any necessary considerations if the delivery path goes near their property line.

When it comes to bringing your new hot tub or swim spa home, taking a few simple steps is all you need to ensure a smooth delivery process. With enough preparation, you’ll enjoy a nice relaxing soak in no time. If you want more information on finding the perfect hot tub or swim spa, download our free buyer’s guide.

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