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What Features and Options Are Available for a Hot Tub?

How do you decide which hot tub is the best? The key is to look for the right features that all work together to provide a high-quality spa experience that perfectly fits your needs. Here are the top features to consider when you’re in the market for a hot tub:

1. The Shell

The shell of your hot tub plays a significant role in how long it lasts and how efficiently it runs. It’s crucial to check the shell’s material, as some materials are better for keeping in heat and resisting cracks or fading. Some popular options include acrylic, fibreglass, vinyl, and rotomolded plastic. Each option has its own pros and cons, so the best one will depend on your budget and preferences. The type of shell you choose will also affect how well the hot tub retains heat.

2. Seats and Other Comfort Features

The number of seats in your hot tub will depend on how many people you want to fit. When it comes to seating configurations, there are lots of combinations to choose from. For example, you can choose a hot tub with a combination of 2 upright seats and 2 loungers. You can even choose an open concept seating, which is common for bigger models. Aside from seats, you can also look for other features to enhance comfort. Pillows, headrests, and footwells can all provide a more luxurious spa experience.

3. Massage Jets

No hot tub experience would be complete without massage jets. After all, the jet system plays a significant role in hydrotherapy and all its health benefits. Look for a hot tub with jets of different sizes, shapes, and configurations to customize your massage depending on your needs. If you want more targeted relief, then look for jets that can be adjusted to different angles and intensities. If you need more information about how hot tub jets work, you can also contact a hot tub dealer in your area.

4. Maintenance Features

A hot tub needs regular upkeep to stay in good condition. Look for features like automatic filters, self-cleaning functions, and UV sanitizing systems that make it easier to maintain your spa and keep it clean. The more advanced maintenance features you have, the less time you’ll need to spend on routine cleaning and care.

5. Insulation

This is an important feature to check, especially if you want a hot tub that’s energy-efficient. Good insulation will help keep in the heat and reduce energy costs in the long run. If you live in a cold climate, partial insulation is not enough. Full foam insulation is an ideal option, but if you want to go even further, other models come with superior insulation technology. For example, Hydropool uses a Double Thermal Shield Insulation system in its spas.

6. Hot Tub Cover

A hot tub cover is essential for keeping in the heat and preventing debris from entering your spa. Look for a cover that’s made of durable material, preferably one that’s designed to resist the elements. Hot tub covers come in different shapes and sizes, so ensure you get the right fit for your hot tub.

7. Exterior Cabinet

Of course, the way your hot tub looks is also an important factor to consider. The exterior cabinet should match the rest of your backyard or patio and provide a nice finish. You can choose from various colours, textures, and patterns. Cabinet options also include removable side panels, a UV-resistant finish, and easy-to-clean surfaces.

8. Easy and Safe Access

Look for safety steps or stairs that make getting in and out of the spa easy. Handrails can also be included for added stability, especially for seniors or those with mobility issues.

9. Mood Enhancers

For an extra special touch, why not add some mood enhancers? These can include LED lighting systems that create a soothing atmosphere. You can also look for a hot tub with a built-in audio system to listen to music while enjoying a relaxing soak.

As you can see, there are a lot of features to consider when you’re in the market for a hot tub. Make sure you take your time researching, so you can choose the options that best fit your needs. With all these factors in mind, you’ll be ready to enjoy a luxurious home spa experience in no time at all.

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