Are Hot Tubs Therapeutic?

Water therapy and hot springs have been providing relaxation and pain relief to people for thousands of years. Since the 1940’s people have been using hydrotherapy treatments as a luxury to soak the stress away and ease the pain felt from sore muscles. Today hot tubs are primarily known as a method of relaxation. Yet, they still provide numerous therapeutic benefits. Below we have listed some of the main therapeutic benefits one can enjoy when taking a soak.


If you are looking to reduce stress a soak in warm soothing waters is the perfect way to do so. When you experience a hydrotherapy massage program it will target areas of the body that need relaxation. This will stimulate the release of endorphins, a natural stress reliever, and painkiller. Lastly, the warm water will dilate blood vessels which have been proven to help prevent migraines and tension headaches.

Increased Blood Flow

Hot tubs cause dilation of our blood vessels which increase pressure and flow of blood in our bodies. Individuals can benefit from this if they suffer from joint or muscle pain. What happens is the increased blood flow will deliver essential oxygen and enzymes to the problem areas of the body.
Reduces Arthritis Pain

Your body weighs approximately 90% less when submerged in water, compared to when you are on land. Our bodies become buoyant in the water. This allows for us to move our joints freely without our typical weight and pressure. Individuals that suffer from arthritis can move freely in the water because the stress on their joints has been removed. They are without pain and can perform physical activity in the water more freely.

Sports Injuries

When it comes to sports injuries, many can benefit from hydrotherapy. Circulation is activated when your body is warmed up by the hot water. This helps repair damaged tissue, thus providing pain relief and reduced muscle spasms. A hot tub is convenient because you are able to fully immerse your body in the superficial heat therapy. This is one of the great advantages to water’s buoyancy, it loosens the muscles and increases range of motion.

Better Sleep

If you are looking for a more restful and restorative sleep, experiencing a soak in some hot water shortly before you go to bed can help. After a soak, it is recommended, that you wait for 60 – 90 minutes before going to bed. This way your body has a bit of time to cool down from the higher hot tub temperatures.

Social Benefits

Something that will always be a great benefit of hot tubs is the increased opportunity for socialization. You will naturally have the opportunity to spend more time with friends and family in your home or backyard. This relaxing setting provides the perfect opportunity for conversation, connections, and positive relationship growth. This alone is sure to help your overall health.

Pain Relief

There are a lot of benefits to hot tubs, but the opportunity to relieve chronic pain, injuries and inflammation are probably one of the greatest. There are a number of therapeutic benefits for an individual from all walks of life. Maybe they are facing carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, insomnia, stomach problems, and headaches. Warm water can help loosen those tight muscles and tension. The therapeutic massage jets have been designed to help soothe these troubled areas.

After learning about just some of the greatest therapeutic benefits hot tubs have to offer, start looking for the perfect model by downloading a hot tub buyer’s guide.

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