• Top Five Tips for Landscaping Around a Pool

    Landscaping takes on a whole new meaning when you have a swimming pool in your backyard. Elements that might be impressive in a regular backyard can be a huge source of frustration for those who also have a swimming pool or swim spa. To help those who need to adjust their landscaping principles and techniques […]

  • Top Benefits for Swimming in the Summer

    With the arrival of the warmer weather comes a welcomed series of summertime rituals. Barbecues, camping, suntanning, beaches, and of course, swimming! Swimming becomes much more popular in the Summer, and for good reason. Although it’s possible to swim in indoor pools all year round, it just isn’t quite the same unless you’re doing it […]

  • Can You Get COVID-19 From Swimming Pool Water?

    The coronavirus pandemic has significantly changed the world we live in, especially for people with active lifestyles. Lockdowns of gyms, rec centers, and public swimming pools, the daily fitness routine for many has been altered. If you’re lucky enough to have your own swimming pool or swim spa, you have the advantage of being able […]

  • Taking Pool Parties to the Next Level

    There is nothing that feels more like the official start to summer than hosting your first seasonal pool party. This year, as many vacation plans and travel itineraries have been scrapped due to the coronavirus pandemic, backyard gatherings and staycations have become popular. Since you will probably be hosting more pool or swim spa parties […]

  • Wish You Had Your Private Resort?

    With borders locked down and no true indication of when international travel will rebound, many people have been forced to cancel vacation plans as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, many people are choosing to instead invest in their backyards and embrace the concept of ‘staycations’ throughout the COVID crisis. For many, […]

  • The Perfect Year Round Pool

    While we don’t have the harsh winters and icy temperatures that our northern neighbors do, full-sized inground pools are typically not enjoyable to use in the winter. Fortunately, if you want to have the perfect year-round pool that also requires little maintenance, there are some options. Both swim spas and hot tubs can efficiently and […]

  • What Size Pool for Family of 4?

    Once you actually decide that you want to buy a swim spa, the real questions start to come into play. One of the major decisions that you’ll have to make is what size of swim spa will work best for you. Maybe you’re wondering what size pool for a family of 4 will work best […]

  • What Size Should a Backyard Pool Be?

    If you’ve decided to install a swimming pool or swim spa in your backyard, you’ll want to make sure you’ve done your homework and taken into consideration as many perspectives as possible. The fact is that once your new addition is set in place it’ll be very inconvenient and expensive to change things. For instance, […]

  • Is a Small Pool Easier to Maintain?

    If you speak to long time swimming pool owners, you’ll often hear that the biggest downside of having a swimming pool is the amount of work it takes to keep it clean and the water chemistry balanced. Why else would there be a job market for pool boys? But there may be a remedy for […]

  • Why Close a Pool in Winter?

    For those who live in the northern parts of the country, the dream of owning a swimming pool may be limited by the colder months of the year. Why close a pool in the winter? Because it’s basically impossible to keep the water in a full-sized swimming pool heated enough to be comfortable when the […]