• Can We Use a Swim Spa In The Winter?

    If you live in a part of the country that deals with cold winters, you’ll likely be limited when it comes to outdoor swimming. A full-sized swimming pool will need to be closed down for the colder months. This leaves you at the mercy of gyms, community centers, and other indoor pool operations. No longer […]

  • Do Swim Spas Have Covers?

    When it comes to swim spa accessories, you’ll find you have an abundance of choices. There are the functional accessories such as skimmer nets and vacuum systems and then there are the exercise add ons such as the underwater treadmill or the rowing kit. You might even splash out for a Bluetooth stereo or a […]

  • Does a Swim Spa Add Value to Home?

    If you love swimming but do not have enough outdoor space for a full-size swimming pool, a swim spa is a great alternative. A swim spa allows you to swim and practice your strokes in a smaller place while remaining in place from the force of a swim current, similar to how a treadmill works […]

  • How Big is a Swim Spa?

    If your backyard is small and cannot fit a traditional in-ground pool or even lap pool, there is still a fantastic option available for avid swimmers. A swim spa is compact and allows you to get a challenging swim workout by using a powerful current that keeps swimmers stationary while they swim, similar to how […]

  • Can a Swim Spa Be Used in the Winter?

    Not everybody in the country is blessed with a climate that rarely, if ever, goes below freezing. Those who live in areas that are hit with annual cold weather may find a lot of their warm weather activities are curtailed during the winter. For this reason, you’ll find a lot fewer outdoor swimming pools in […]

  • Can You Put a Swim Spa Inground?

    If you’re a swimming aficionado but don’t have enough room for a full sized swimming pool on your property, a swim spa can be a practical substitute. Swim spas generate a moving stream of water that’s strong enough to keep your body in place while you practice your favorite swimming stroke.  While they’re a fraction […]

  • Can a Swim Spa be put in a Basement?

    Swim spas are ideal space savers for those who love swimming, but don’t have enough room for a full sized swimming pool. The compact size of the swim spa makes them ideal for those with small backyards or those who want an indoor swimming experience.  How easy is it to install a swim spa indoors? […]

  • Can You Lose Belly Fat by Swimming?

    Climbing obesity rates have made people more aware of the need to decrease their calorie intake while increasing the number of calories they burn. Obesity has been shown to raise the possibility of medical ailments such as diabetes, heart diseases, stroke, bone and joint issues, and most recently, susceptibility to Covid-19 complications. Many of these […]

  • Can I Put a Pool in My Small Backyard?

    If you have a tiny backyard, you may think that your dreams of owning a pool may be impossible. But there may be some options that you haven’t yet considered which may work well for your space and budget that we’ll share below. Standard Pool Sizes Often, the smallest size inground pool available is about […]

  • Can a Spa Be Used as a Pool?

    Having a traditional backyard in-ground pool is not possible for many homeowners, whether it be a lack of space requirements or the significant expense. Installing an in-ground pool requires a big backyard, excavation, and a lot of on-going maintenance. Thankfully, there is a year-round alternative that many homeowners are turning to instead. Swim spas are […]