• What Size Pool for Family of 4?

    Once you actually decide that you want to buy a swim spa, the real questions start to come into play. One of the major decisions that you’ll have to make is what size of swim spa will work best for you. Maybe you’re wondering what size pool for a family of 4 will work best […]

  • What Size Should a Backyard Pool Be?

    If you’ve decided to install a swimming pool or swim spa in your backyard, you’ll want to make sure you’ve done your homework and taken into consideration as many perspectives as possible. The fact is that once your new addition is set in place it’ll be very inconvenient and expensive to change things. For instance, […]

  • Is a Small Pool Easier to Maintain?

    If you speak to long time swimming pool owners, you’ll often hear that the biggest downside of having a swimming pool is the amount of work it takes to keep it clean and the water chemistry balanced. Why else would there be a job market for pool boys? But there may be a remedy for […]

  • Why Close a Pool in Winter?

    For those who live in the northern parts of the country, the dream of owning a swimming pool may be limited by the colder months of the year. Why close a pool in the winter? Because it’s basically impossible to keep the water in a full-sized swimming pool heated enough to be comfortable when the […]

  • How to Use a Pool Year Round

    If you dread the cooler temperatures of the winter months and think that it would be too cold to use a pool year-round, think again.  A swim spa can be the perfect solution so that you can be comfortably swimming in your backyard on New Year’s Day. If you want to figure out how to […]

  • How Exercise Pools Work?

    Some people like to just plug and play. They don’t need to understand what makes something work. They’d rather not have to tinker or worry about maintenance. As long as the appliance or piece of machinery performs as it is supposed to, they’re happy. And then there are other people who’d rather take things apart […]

  • What Pool Exercise Burns the Most Calories?

    Exercising in a swim spa or above ground pool is a great way to lose weight. You can perform any manner of swim strokes as well as many other exercises that you might normally perform on dry land. A swim spa is great for those who don’t have space for a full-sized pool or those […]

  • How Is a Swim Spa Heated?

    Many buyers who were originally considering a hot tub or swimming pool have ended up installing a swim spa instead. Swim spas are a versatile compromise between hot tubs and swimming pools that have many advantages over conventional aquatic choices. If you want to learn more about swim spas such as how is a swim […]

  • What is a Hydrotherapy Swimming Pool?

    When people think of swimming pools, they typically think of a place to swim laps, get some exercise, play around in the water and have some fun. When people turn their minds to hot tubs, they’ll usually be thinking about relaxing in warm, bubbling water, getting a deep tissue massage and leaving stress and worry […]

  • How are Swim Spas Heated?

    For those who but don’t have a lot of space but are interested in being able to swim and soak within the privacy of their own property, a swim spa can be a great compromise. Swim spas are composed of a compact water tank which contains a powerful motor that creates a current strong enough […]