Why Everyone Needs A Swim Spa

Why Everyone Needs A Swim Spa

There are all sorts of reasons why swimming in a public swimming pool is a pain in the behind and that’s even before you take into account a global pandemic. From trying to fit yourself into a limited schedule, to paying membership fees, to dodging other swimmers as you go through your paces, the public swimming pool experience leaves a lot to be desired. This is why everyone needs a swim spa! If you need further convincing, we’ve put together a list of just a few of the benefits of swim spa ownership.

A Convenient Aquatic Experience

When you have a swim spa at home you no longer have to worry about schedules or entry fees. You can hit the water whenever the whim strikes. You don’t have to worry about being crowded out by strangers and it’s easy to surround yourself with family and friends. When a swim spa is a couple of steps away you’ll find yourself swimming more than ever.

Winter Swimming

In colder parts of the country, a swim spa can be used all year round, no matter the weather. Swim spas hold a relatively small volume of water, so it’s possible to maintain a temperature that prevents freezing without breaking the bank. If you love the idea of a polar bear swim, but don’t want to jump into a frozen lake, a swim spa will allow you to perform a much more civilized version of the New Year’s tradition. Allow yourself to swim outdoors all year round with a swim spa.

A Great Swimming Experience For The Whole Family

Whether you’re just learning how to swim or you’re a long-time competitive athlete, a swim spa can be tailored towards anyone’s swimming abilities. The current that’s used to keep the swimmer in place is easily adjustable. This means that, with a simple touch of a button, the kids’ swimming lessons can happen right after a powerhouse swimmer finishes their workout. At the same time, if you just want to sit and relax or play around in the water, the swim spa offers enough room for most of the activities that take place in a swimming pool. If you’re looking for a compact aquatic experience that can be enjoyed by the whole family, a swim spa is a great choice.

Easier On The Wallet

Swim spas are cheaper than swimming pools on several levels. The retail price of a swim spa will almost always be lower than a swimming pool. Once you get into installation costs, swimming pools come out much more expensive. A swim spa can usually be set up within a day. Swimming pools, on the other hand, can cost you weeks’ worth of labor before they’re ready to be used. Once everything is set up and running, a swim spa will use far less water and chemicals than even the smallest swimming pools. If cost is a concern, a swim spa will allow you to swim for less.

Require Less Space

One of the reasons that swim spas became popular is the amount of space they require or don’t require. As population density increased and property prices rose, swimming aficionados needed an alternative to 40 foot long swimming pools and lap pools. Most swim spas are less than 20 feet in length and 10 feet wide. If you have any backyard at all you probably have enough room for a swim spa.

Swimming And Hot Tubbing

Most swim spas also have the facilities that you would find in a hot tub. Seating areas with massaging water jets are very common in swim spas. Some even have a separate tank that allows two temperature zones so hot tubbing and swimming can occur simultaneously. If you want the full aquatic experience, a swim spa can provide it.

Now that you understand why everyone needs a swim spa, download a free buyer’s guide today.

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