What Does a Swim Spa Look Like?

What Is the Largest Swim Spa?

Most people choose a swim spa over a full-sized pool and hot tub because they lack the required space. However, even if you have adequate space, a large swim spa can provide a great workout and enough room for an entire family with friends to enjoy. If you’re wondering what is the largest swim spa available, Hydropool offers two models that are 19 feet in length. Keep reading below to learn more about large swim spas.

How Big Is A Swim Spa?

When lap pools first came into popularity in the 1970s, it was found the ideal dimensions were 40 feet in length and 8 feet wide. This allowed the swimmer to get in a good number of strokes before having to turn around, while the width cut down on the turbulence caused by the swimmer. But as urban spaces became more cramped, a need was found for the endless pool and swim spa. These pools could measure as short as 10 feet in length and featured a strong, mechanically generated current to keep the swimmer in place as they practiced their stroke.

For those with larger families, frequent guests or for athletes who like the combination of swimming and soaking in a hot tub, swim spas allow several people to enjoy the water at the same time. The larger size allows for a variety of swim strokes while providing space for those who prefer to soak in a hot tub rather than swim.

Hydropool’s Largest Swim Spas

Hydropool features two of the largest swim spas available on the market. Both of these swim spas have a swimming lane with a separate hot tub portion which allows for simultaneous use by a swimmer and bathers. They come in at 19 feet long and almost 8 feet wide. To find out more details about these elite models, continue reading.

AquaTrainer 19 DTfX

The AquaTrainer 19 DTfX is for serious athletes looking to work on their swimming stroke but are also looking for an area to relax and recuperate. Its V-twin jets are designed to create a strong, smooth and high-volume current against which to swim. It has a non-slip exercise mat for aquacize and the hot tub seats six or seven people.

AquaSport 19 DTfX

The AquaSport 19 DTfX is designed for family use. It has a dual controlled heater which means someone can swim in cool water while others enjoy much warmer water in the hot tub portion. It provides a strong and steady current to swim against that can be enjoyed by the entire family. The self-cleaning unit also features safety steps and LED lighting.

If you’re looking to learn more about the largest swim spas available on the market, download a free swim spa buyer’s guide today.

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