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Taking Pool Parties to the Next Level

There is nothing that feels more like the official start to summer than hosting your first seasonal pool party. This year, as many vacation plans and travel itineraries have been scrapped due to the coronavirus pandemic, backyard gatherings and staycations have become popular. Since you will probably be hosting more pool or swim spa parties than usual this Summer, learn how you can take pool parties to the next level with some simple and outdoor lifestyle investment tips.

If you tend to have pool parties in the evening with friends to enjoy a couple of drinks and music, having waterproof speakers is a must. Two simple ways to easily bring your pool party to the next level are:


LED lighting is an affordable way to add ambiance and atmosphere around your yard. You can even add LED lights to your pool to create a really unique effect. There are a variety of options available, including underwater lights, floating LED rafts, or even floating LED fountains. In addition to creating an inviting atmosphere the additional lighting prevents trips and falls after dark.

Floating Cooler

Just because you are hosting a pool party doesn’t mean you should have to be stuck on land fetching beverages for your guests the entire time. Instead of constantly running back inside to grab a round of drinks from the fridge, buy a floatable drink cooler. These can be filled with ice and canned or bottled beverages and will float around your pool – the perfect self-serve option for your guests to have an endless supply of refreshments at their fingertips.

If you really want to ramp up your entire outdoor living space, these are two investments that will truly compliment your pool and make your pool parties even more memorable.

The Outdoor Kitchen

While BBQs are common in most backyards, installing an outdoor kitchen definitely will bring your pool party to a whole other level. If you’re known for al fresco dining, you’ll love the convenience of an outdoor sink, refrigerator, and ample counter space. An outdoor kitchen will save you the hassle from constantly running in and out of your house by replicating your kitchen outside and they boost the entire appearance of your outdoor living space. Whether you are making a full meal or just some snacks for your pool party, having everything on hand in your outdoor kitchen makes it easy for everyone to enjoy.

The Fire Pit

When it comes to the four archetypal elements none are more iconic than fire and water. Adding a firepit to the area surrounding your pool will not only provide an interesting contrast and look, but it can also ensure that your guests can enjoy the cooler evenings in total comfort. Don’t want to worry about keeping up a supply of firewood? Gas-powered fire pits are becoming more common on the market and they provide a clean, consistent flame and are easy to maintain. Nothing beats sitting around a cozy fire after enjoying a day of swimming.

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