Is the Hot Tub the New Kitchen Table?

Everyone has memories of crowding around the kitchen table with family and friends while catching up on news and gossip and enjoying some food and drinks or simply each others’ company. For generations the kitchen table has maintained itself as one of the main places in the house where people come together to share their thoughts, concerns, hopes and dreams.

However, as time has gone on and people’s standards of living have risen, a new area has started to be used as another focal point of family life. Like kitchens and living rooms before it, this new social hub offers a variety of functions and possibilities. But unlike living rooms and kitchens, the new meeting point functions best when it’s filled with water. This contemporary new meeting spot is known as the hot tub.

Why The Hot Tub?

Hot tubs naturally allow one to relax and decompress while in the company of other people. The fact that hot tubs allow socializing to occur while the body aches and pains are being attended to makes for a unique entertainment area. However, similar to the kitchen or living room, everyone is able to relax in a comforting environment. And even if a hot tub is outdoors, the weather won’t spoil the occasion. Whether hot or cold, rainy or dry, the hot tub can be used in all sorts of climatic conditions.

A Place For Gathering

Similar to the kitchen table, it’s easy to share drinks and snacks in and around a hot tub. Simply swapping your finest glassware with some plastic cups allows the hot tub to be used without any concern of broken glass. There’s a whole industry catering to hot tub friendly drink holders, board games and other waterproof and floating accessories. Adding some deck furniture such as chairs and tables can allow people to cool off when they’ve had enough and give people a chance to have some snacks or check their phones.

Hot Tub Accessories

As mentioned, a whole new business category has sprung up to take advantage of the interest in hot tubs and their social uses. Water resistant music systems with Bluetooth capabilities allow the easy addition of music to the area. There are a variety of tables, both floating and ones that can be added to the edge of the tub, to allow a place for drinks or food to be set down. There’s a wide range of waterproof and/or floating games such as cards, chess, checkers and more that are available for hot tub use. There are also special lighting systems that can create an ambience that you wouldn’t find at your average kitchen table.

The New Social Hub

When you have a hot tub, very seldom will friends and family turn down an invitation to come soak with you in some soothing warm water. Hot tubs allow friends and families to reconnect and relax while spending quality time together. Like the kitchen table, a hot tub is a perfect area for gathering together and talking about life.

More Hot Tub Information

If you like the idea of adding another social hub to your home, download a hot tub buyer’s guide to get more information about the wonderful benefits that come with owning a hot tub.

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