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Can I Put a Pool in My Small Backyard?

If you have a tiny backyard, you may think that your dreams of owning a pool may be impossible. But there may be some options that you haven’t yet considered which may work well for your space and budget that we’ll share below.

Standard Pool Sizes

Often, the smallest size inground pool available is about 10×20 feet. Often, this size may just be slightly too big to work in the space you have. Unfortunately, since many in-ground pools are either factory pre-built or fiberglass, they are not customizable. On the other hand, while you can choose to get a custom designed pool built with concrete to fit your exact dimensions, these are the most expensive types of in-ground pools.

Above Ground Pools

One alternative to having an in-ground pool in your yard is using an above ground pool instead. As these are round, they usually take up less space and you have more control over where you can place it in your yard.  Our smallest round above ground pools are 15’ and can fit into almost any small backyard.

Installing an above ground pool is typically a one day job. For starters, there is no need to dig a hole which makes the entire installation process simple. Once delivered upon installation, you can usually have the pool up and running within a day or two. 

Swim Spas

For those that really want to be able to get a great workout in their backyard pool, a swim spa is an ideal solution. A small model is typically about 12 feet in length and 8 feet wide. What makes a swim spa unique is that it has a motorized current, which keeps a swimmer in place. Similar to a treadmill, a swimmer can swim in place without ever having to reach the wall and turn around, which in small pools can get annoying quickly.

There are also many swim spa models that feature hydrotherapy spa seats, so it is like having half of a swimming pool and half of a hot tub in one. With these models, often there is a dual temperature option so that the water can be kept cool in the swim lane and warm like a hot tub in the seating area.


Both above ground pools and swim spas have their own set of benefits. If you are looking for a true ‘pool’ type experience to splash around with family and friends, then a space-saving above ground pool may do the trick. If you want a place to get a great workout year-round and soothing hydrotherapy massages, a swim spa may be better. Depending on the model of swim spa you choose, it can still accommodate a number of bathers while remaining compact in size.

So, to answer the question, ‘Can I put a pool in my small backyard?’, there certainly are many possibilities! If you’re unsure which may be best for you, get in touch! We can help show you the benefits of the above ground pools and swim spas that we carry so that you can make the right choice for your lifestyle and needs.

To learn more about swim spas, download a free buyer’s guide.

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