What Is Hydropool Zone Therapy

What Is Hydropool Zone Therapy?

Like any type of mechanical device, different hot tubs have different levels of performance and capability. Hydropool hot tubs have been designed with a unique Zone Therapy in mind. What is Hydropool Zone Therapy? In this article, we’ll find out.

The Science of Zone Therapy

Hydropool has invested heavily in research and development to help design its proprietary Zone Therapy system. Four different elements have been combined to create a series of Wellness Programs devised to stimulate different parts of the body and the mind Hydropool Zone Therapy Wellness Programs can be used to reduce pain in the back and legs, relieve headaches, insomnia, and stress. They can also help soothe the body after overexertion, help with dieting, and rejuvenate fatigued bodies.

Hydropool Zone Therapy Elements


Hot tub jets are used to stimulate the body with massage. Hydropool hot tubs come with two different kinds of jets. The more powerful jets are used for deep tissue manipulation to promote blood circulation and pain relief. The gentler jets are instrumental in creating a relaxing atmosphere. By combining power with soothing sensibilities, a wide range of mental and physical aches, pains, and afflictions can be alleviated.

Jet Arrangement

The two types of jets are arranged to target generalized areas of the body and designed to achieve specific physical and mental objectives. Different seats in the hot tub have different jet configurations according to the parts of the body that are being targeted.


Hydropool has placed a great amount of importance on the ergonomics of hot tub seating. Each type of seat is designed to minimize the effects of gravity and alleviate pressure from the body. Comfort and relaxation are the primary influences when it comes to Hydropool seating design.


The amount of time spent in each hot tub seat plays an important role in the final results. Similar to circuit training in a gym, the time spent at each station will greatly influence the outcome. Hydropool Zone Therapy remodels this concept for the hot tub.

How Does Hydropool Zone Therapy Operate?

Hydropool Zone Therapy is based on four different zones, each with its own seat and body area of specialization. Different Wellness Programs will direct the user to different zones at different times according to the desired outcome.

Zone 1 – Core Zone

The core zone focuses the jets on the shoulders, back, ribs, and kidney area. Soreness, fatigue, and injury in this area can lead to various physical problems which can also affect the mood. This zone is used to reduce tension, relax muscles and nerves, and promote circulation of the blood.

Zone 2 – Lower Body Zone

The lower body zone encompasses the lower back, thighs, hips, wrists, and hands. Discomfort and fatigue in these areas can hinder flexibility and manual dexterity. The jets in this zone are arranged to massage joints and muscles and stimulate nerves.

Zone 3 – Upper Body Zone

Zone 3 deals with parts of the upper body which covers the neck, shoulders, and back. Stiffness and strain in these areas can lead to headaches, problems with vision, and reduced mobility. The jets in this zone are designed to relieve tension and loosen muscles.

Zone 4 – Reflexology Zone

The reflexology zone concentrates on the feet and ankles. The constant stress placed on these parts is typically more than anywhere else on the body. Jets are used to massage the joints and muscles of the feet and ankles. The manipulation and massage of the soles of the feet are based on the principles of reflexology.

Now that you have a better understanding of what Hydropool Zone Therapy entails, download a free buyer’s guide for more information.

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