How Do Hot Tub Jets Work?

How Do Hot Tub Jets Work?

Hot tubs are notorious for their relaxing warm waters, but many people have not thought too much about what makes the experience truly soothing, the hot tub jet. In simple terms, hot tub jets are created to push water in various directions, providing pressure streams that focus on specific areas of the body. In the following article, we talk about some essential hot tub parts and how they work.

What Creates the Perfect Hot Tub Massage

Jets certainly are a very important part of the spa experience, but they cannot deliver the perfect massage by themselves. The plumbing and pump of your hot tub work through the jets to provide targeted hydrotherapy massage treatment. Many of todays spa’s are designed with pumps to exert an extremely efficient water flow. The plumbing is then strategically placed to reduce the flow distance from one pump to another. Once water hits those jets, you will receive the most rejuvenating massage from your very own hot tub.

Common Misconceptions About Hot Tub Jets

It is a common misconception that the hot tub with the most jets is the best. In reality, hot tub enthusiasts find that the best hot tubs are the ones with customized jets providing bathers with the best massage. Seek out hot tubs that come with adjustable volume, water flow, and even multiple-stream pressure options.

It is true that the number of jets a hot tub has can influence your personal preference and enjoyment. However, bathers will find that quality therapeutic programs equipped with customizable jets can really help enjoyment rather than the number of jets.

Testing How Hot Tub Jets Work

You are already aware that purchasing a hot tub is going to be a significant investment. This is why it is so important to make sure your hot tub is satisfying, comfortable, and with plenty of massage options. To make sure you are getting the most out of your investment, consult your hot tub dealer about doing a wet test. A wet test is when they fill the hot tub with water and let you test out a hot tub experience yourself.

How Do Hot Tub Jets Work?

Hot tubs come equipped with various valves that can control how water is flowed and diverted throughout the hot tub. Larger valves powerfully move the water to targeted areas to create the most therapeutic massage. Then smaller valves, or air venturi valves, push air into the stream of the water allowing bubbles to form.

The hot tubs we carry have some of the most advanced water jets on the market. For example, Hydropool hot tubs are revolutionary in their ability to provide non-bearing Hydroflow jets. These jets are specifically created to allow for the highest quality of water flow rates. This is due to the non-bearing jets, the lengthened lifespan, and decreased chances of clogging. An additional feature that is unique to the Hydropool technology is zoned jetting. These jets are carefully placed to focus on certain parts of the body. 4 different zones are created to provide attention to certain parts of the body. Touch screen programming allows bathers to indicate what bathers where they should sit and when to move. These programs are customizable and allow bathers to decide on how the water stream will help with their body’s needs. For instance, there is a zoned massage that can help with back pain by targeting the dorsal muscles, spine, lumbar region, trapezius muscles, and lower/upper back.

Now that you know how hot tub jets operate, continue to learn more about hydrotherapy massage features by downloading our hot tub buyer’s guide.

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