Are Hot Tubs Safe?

Are hot tubs safe? is a common question among hot tub users and consumers. If you’re wondering about the health risks and benefits of using a hot tub, it can often be hard to find reliable information.

Below you’ll find out about which factors can make a hot tub safe or unsafe and how you can make sure yours stays as healthy as possible.

Sanitation is Key

Many people want to know: Can you get sick if you use a hot tub? The answer is yes, but only if the hot tub isn’t well cared for. If the owner fails to balance the water and keep it clean, viruses, contaminants, and bacteria can grow out of control. Luckily there are simple tests you can use to make sure your water is balanced and healthy. For water balance, using test strips is the best way to make sure everything is in order. There are also easy tests you can use for bacteria.

There are also obvious indicators that a hot tub is not as clean as it needs to be. Musty, cloudy, or odorous water are all clues that the hot tub needs to be cleaned. Using dichlor or a shock treatment can help clear this up quickly.

Be Aware of Health Problems

Another frequent question about hot tubs is: Are they unhealthy? If you have health problems, a hot tub may or not be safe for you, depending on the health issue at hand. For example, if you’re taking a prescription drug that makes you drowsy or dehydrated, you should not use a hot tub after using them as this can be very dangerous.

Many people also want to know: Are they good for high blood pressure? This is a case where you should ask your doctor. Both high and low blood pressure, as well as diabetes, heart disease, and other major health issues can be a problem. One thing that is promising is a hot tub’s ability to create feelings of relaxation and wellbeing, which can lower your blood pressure.

Regardless of your health issue, make sure to talk with your doctor before using a hot tub.

Overheating, Dehydration, and Child Safety

Hot tubs are designed to be run at temperatures that are high but safe, up to a maximum of 104F. Even safer is a temperature of 101-102F, as it will make it less likely for you to overheat. If you use your hot tub at a high temperature, try getting out every 15 minutes or whenever you feel overheated. In addition, avoid drinking alcoholic beverages and drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.

Are they unhealthy for children? is another common question. Children under five years old should only use a hot tub at 95F or lower, and of course should always be supervised. Pregnant women should never use hot tubs as it can cause complications for the baby.

We hope our FAQ has helped you get important answers to your questions about hot tub safety. Next, download our buyer’s guide to find a safe hot tub that fits your lifestyle.

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