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Is it Safe to Use a Hot Tub if You’re Pregnant?

When it comes to hot tubs and pregnancy, many people wonder if the two should be together in the same sentence. Is it safe for a woman to use a hot tub while pregnant? Even though hot tubs come with endless benefits that can improve an individual’s health, there are certain aspects that can make them unfit for pregnant women to use. Here’s what you should know about hot tubs and pregnancy.

Hot Tubs and Pregnancy

In almost any situation, a hot tub would provide the perfect space to improve one’s overall health and wellness; however, this is not necessarily the case for pregnancy. More to do with the hot tub’s temperature than the actual unit, elevated temperatures can be potentially dangerous throughout pregnancy. Especially at the beginning of pregnancy, hot temperatures are not suitable for developing babies. In addition, in an enclosed environment like a hot tub, a woman’s body won’t be able to properly regulate itself, increasing the risk of quickly overheating.

Although the jets of a hot tub can relieve any pain that a pregnant woman might be feeling, the elevated temperatures simply don’t make it a safe enough place to be. That being said, if you were to lower a hot tub’s temperature to somewhere in the 80’s to low 90’s, then pregnant women can spend up to 10 minutes in the water. It is recommended that regardless of where the temperature is set that you take regular breaks so that your body has a chance to cool down.

If hot temperatures are something to consider, you might ask yourself if hot showers are safe. Simply put, when you’re in the shower, your body is not actively submerged in the water, meaning it has the chance to regulate itself. Of course, it’s important to be cautious with any type of heat during pregnancy, but a warm shower shouldn’t necessarily be a problem.

When it comes down to it, hot tubs might not be the ideal space for pregnant women; however, there are many benefits that one can receive from being in the water. Below are some examples of how you can benefit from the water without worrying about your pregnancy.

How to Safely Enjoy Being in the Water When Pregnant

Since there are so many benefits to receive from spending time in the water, here are some alternatives for pregnant women to safely enjoy it.

Rather than using a hot tub when pregnant, you can use a swim spa set at a temperature less than 90 degrees or a swimming pool. Because these spaces provide the ideal environments to walk around or maybe even partake in some aquatic exercises, they are perfect for anyone to use.

We probably all know the weightless feeling that comes with being in the water. Now imagine how beneficial that would be for a pregnant woman carrying a whole other life inside her. Not only would the water relieve pressure from one’s joints, but it would provide relief overall.

Although walking is incredible for maintaining good health during pregnancy, both mentally and physically, it’s not always the easiest on our joints. Instead of walking on pavement, walking around a swim spa or pool can be an excellent alternative. By setting the pool or swim spa temperatures to somewhere in the 80’s, you can spend as much time as you need without worrying about the health or safety of you and your baby. There are also many more benefits of using a pool or swim spa safely during pregnancy. For instance, it can improve circulation all around, relieve nausea, swelling and more. So, whether you feel more comfortable walking around your pool, swimming or even doing some aquatic exercises, there are endless ways you can benefit from being in the right kind of water when pregnant.

If you’ve always loved spending time in the water but are pregnant or planning on getting pregnant, there are still alternative options for you to enjoy the water.

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