Is Insulation Important in a Hot Tub?

Once you have made the decision to purchase a hot tub, you will want to spend your time relaxing and enjoying its many health benefits, not having to pay a ton of money on your monthly electricity bill. Selecting a model with proper insulation is a major factor in keeping your energy costs low. In fact, quality hot tubs that are well insulated only cost between $1.00 -$1.50 per day to run. In this article, we will explain the three most important reasons why to choose a well insulated hot tub and also how the insulation in Hydropool models has evolved into some of the most energy efficient hot tubs available on the market.

The three most important reasons why having a properly insulated hot tub will help increase your enjoyment are:

Temperature Maintenance

Everyone wants a hot tub where they can jump in at any time and not have to worry about turning on the heat and waiting until it reaches your ideal temperature. Our energy efficient models not only heat rapidly but also reuse their heat to maintain the correct temperature. Our tapered covers are 3 to 4 inches thick and trap heat so well, that on warm days, additional heating is not required.

With proper insulation, your hot tub will be less expensive to run and be ready to be used anytime you feel like relaxing.


Buying a hot tub is a large investment and you want it to always be performing at its best. A well-insulated model helps your hot tub function as designed and maintain a perfectly consistent temperature.

Energy Efficiency

Want to run your hot tub for less than what a cup of coffee costs each day? Choose a well-insulated model to cut costs. Hydropool hot tubs are equipped with industry leading insulation technology that is also paired with our thick, durable covers that trap heat to maximize energy efficiency. We carry many models that are certified by the Commission for Environmental Cooperation, meaning that they are some of the most effective energy efficient models on the market.

The History of our Insulation

With a hot tub, heat not only escapes from the surface of the water but also the pipes, cabinets, and flooring. Our early hot tub models used foam insulation, which trapped heat but did not have the ability to retain it or re-use the heat generated from the pipes or motor. This type of insulation also made it difficult to service or repair the unit and if a leak occurred, the technician would have to dig into the plumbing to diagnose the problem. Our next advancement was building a perimeter insulation system situated throughout the hot tub walls that retained waste heat from the units pipes and motor. Perimeter insulation made great strides as far as energy efficiency was concerned, however, the lack of airflow occasionally caused units to overheat.

Hydropool hot tubs are now equipped with state-of-the-art insulation which is based on NASA’s heat-locking technology. We utilize what is called Triple Thermal Shield Technology which re-uses heat and redirects waste it back into the hot tub, which costs much less than generating new heat. We pair this technology with our thick, durable covers that retain cabinet waste heat and specialized thermal vents that prevent the unit from overheating.

Now that you are aware of how hot tub insulation is an important consideration for saving money and increasing the enjoyment of your hot tub, you can begin your search for finding the perfect model to suit your lifestyle and needs. To get started, download our hot tub buyer’s guide here.

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