7 Ways You Can Work Out in a Hot Tub

You may think of your hot tub as a place for relaxation, but it’s also an ideal place to get some exercise. The heated water increases blood circulation thereby naturally warming up the muscles and decreasing the likelihood of injury. Hot tub exercises are ideal for anyone with mobility issues or chronic pain. Here’s a list of simple exercises that can be performed in your hot tub.


Squats performed in the hot tub have the added advantage of the water providing extra stability. Stand in the middle of the hot tub and slowly bend at the knees bringing your body to a crouching position as if sitting in a chair. Standing back up works the thighs and buttocks. Shoot for fifteen repetitions in three different sets.

Hand Claps

Stand in the middle of the tub while submerging your hands on each side of your body. Bring them together rapidly in front of you as if performing a hand clap. The water resistance will make this a lot slower and more difficult compared to doing it in the air while working on your shoulders, chest, and arms. Work towards three sets of 25 to 30 repetitions.

Heel Raises

To work out your calves and help with balance issues, perform three sets of 15 to 30 repetition heel raises. Stand flat-footed in the middle of the tub and raise your heels off the floor until standing on your toes. Relax back to the standing position to complete one repetition.

Trunk Rotations

Work your abdominal muscles by twisting your torso while under water. Sit or kneel in the middle of the hot tub so your shoulders are submerged. While keeping your back straight, place your hands on your hips and slowly twist from side to side. Work to increase your range of motion while aiming for three sets of 20 to 30 twists.

Run In Place

For more of a cardio workout, stand in the middle of the hot tub and run in place for 30-second bursts. The resistance of the water will make this more challenging than doing it on dry land, so don’t overexert yourself at first. Try to complete 3 intervals while raising your heart rate and working your leg and abdominal muscles.

Leg Exercises

By sitting on the edge of the tub and using various movements you can give your legs a good workout. Try bicycle kicks where you simulate pedaling a bicycle for 30-second bursts. Alternately, keep your legs together while raising and lowering them at the knee allowing the water to create resistance.

Shoulder Rolls

By kneeling in the middle of the hot tub, you can allow the heat of the water to loosen up tense and tired shoulder muscles. Make sure your shoulders are below the water level while performing shoulder rolls, both forward and backward. Work towards three sets of ten repetitions both forward and backward.

Quad Stretches

This exercise also benefits from the heat of the water allowing the muscles to stretch with greater ease. Stand in the middle of the tub on one foot while lifting the other by bending at the knee behind you. Grab your ankle and pull your foot up towards your back to give your quadriceps a good stretch. Hold this pose for 20 to 30 seconds on each leg.

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