What Does a Swim Spa Look Like?

What Does a Swim Spa Look Like?

A swim spa is a brilliant invention that allows you to swim against a water current while staying in the same spot. This eliminates the need to do laps and constantly have to turn around like when in a traditional swimming pool. Perfect for athletes and individuals looking for a way to stay fit, the strength of the current is adjustable and many swim spas have customizable workout programs.

Swim spas are a popular choice as they are much smaller than a traditional swimming pool and can easily be placed in your home or backyard. Plus, for those that have always wanted a hot tub, there are swim spas that are designed with a hot tub spa area at one end of the unit so that you get the best of both worlds.

So, what does a swim spa look like? There are a few different styles available as well as sizes, however, they all have a similar look. Generally swim spas range in size from 12 to 19 feet long, 7 to 9 feet wide and will often include 2 hydrotherapy seats. The spa end of the tub where the hydrotherapy seats are located essentially looks like half of a hot tub. The swim area of the swim spa is shaped like a long oval with swim jets alongside the walls to create the swim current.

Swim spas also look different from traditional swimming pools as they look more like a large hot tub and similar to a hot tub have an acrylic shell, water pumps, water jets and a heater.

There are two common swim spa options, the self-contained portable unit or simply the acrylic shell.

Self-Contained Portable Swim Spa

A self-contained, portable swim spa is a pre-built unit and does not have to be permanently installed in a deck or the ground. These swim spas can be placed anywhere in your yard provided that they have a solid, level foundation and can be moved to a different location in the yard or even another home further down the road if necessary. Most swim spa dealers will have a wide range of cabinet styles and colors available so that you can choose something that will blend in well with your landscaping and home.

Self-contained units are relatively easy to install and do not require any additional plumbing as the unit contains all the pumps, jets, filters and other equipment inside.

Acrylic Shell Swim Spa

If you would like to set your swim spa into a raised deck or blend into the ground so that you can landscape around it, you can choose to purchase the acrylic shell swim spa. With this type of installation, the major components like the pump and heater can be located remotely. Typically, this type of installation requires more planning and can cost more, not to mention it is not quite as simple to pick up and move your swim spa after it has been installed.

Now that you know what a swim spa looks like, download our buyer’s guide to find out more about the different styles available.

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