How Much Electricity Does a Swim Spa Use

How Much Electricity Does a Swim Spa Use?

There are many questions to consider when installing a swim spa in your home or backyard. How big is your budget? How much space do you have to spare? How do you plan on using your swim spa? You might also be wondering about the operating costs of a swim spa. To help shed some light on the question, “How much electricity does a swim spa use?” we’ve come up with an article that goes over the various factors that will influence the amount of energy needed to run your swim spa. We’ll also advise how you might be able to keep your swim spa’s energy consumption to a minimum.

Local Electricity Rates

How much you pay for electricity in your locality will have the biggest influence on how big your electrical bills will be. Certain municipalities charge more for electricity during peak consumption periods and less during off-peak hours. This may help you come up with a schedule that minimizes your use during peak periods. However, even if you’re charged a flat rate for electricity in your area, the price you pay may be very different than someone else who’s charged a different rate.

Size of Your Swim Spa

The size of your swim spa will play a part in how high your electric bill will be. The more water that needs to be heated and pumped through the water jets will mean more electricity use. That said, you shouldn’t choose the size of the swim spa you’re planning to buy solely on how much electricity it will use. It’s more important to get a model that will meet your needs and allow you and your family to be comfortable using it. Buying a swim spa that’s too small can leave you with a major case of buyer’s remorse.

How Will You Use It?

Different people have different ideas on how their swim spa should be used and this will be a factor in how much electricity is needed to run it. Those who prefer swimming against the strongest current will use more electricity than those who would rather sit and cool off on hot days. Similarly, maximizing the water temperature for a hot tub-like experience will cost more than keeping the water temperature at the lower end of the thermometer. How you use your swim spa will definitely influence your electricity bills.

How Often Will You Use It?

It’s obvious that the more you use your swim spa, the more it will cost to operate. A family of five who are using their swim spa every day will have to expect higher electrical bills compared to a solitary occupant who uses their swim spa once or twice a week.

Local Climate

The climate of your local area will play a large role in how much electricity your swim spa will use to keep the water temperature consistent. Those who live in the southern states and only use their swim spa during the summer will use much less electricity compared to someone from Minnesota who uses their swim spa throughout the winter.


Different models of swim spas have different amounts of insulation. The amount of insulation around the swim spa cabinet will influence how much heat is lost. Using a well fitted and insulated swim spa cover when it’s not in use will reduce heat loss and the amount of electricity needed to maintain the water temperature levels.

Consistent Water Temperature

Although seemingly counterintuitive, keeping your water heater constantly running will ultimately use less electricity compared to turning it off after every use. It takes more energy to bring water up to a comfortable temperature than it does to maintain it at that temperature over long periods of time. The exception to this is if you’re not planning to use your swim spa for more than a few weeks. If you’re going on a short vacation, it’s cheaper to simply turn down the water temperature a few degrees rather than turn off the heater completely.

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