How to Get the Perfect Swim

If you’re thinking about buying a swim spa, you’ll want to choose one with features that will help you create the perfect swim. There are four key components that interact to create a quality swim: current, pumps and hydraulics, jets, and shell design.

Below, you’ll find out what to look for in a swim spa so you get the perfect swim for you.

Choose an Adjustable Current

An adjustable current is an essential element of a perfect swim. Whether you are a beginning paddler who wants to get in shape or a competitive athlete on a strict training schedule, this feature will allow you to tailor your swim to your fitness goals. As you improve as a swimmer, you can adjust the current to challenge yourself.

Investigate the Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system is a second area to review to ensure that you choose a swim spa that will deliver the perfect swim. A hydraulic system that creates a current through a throw and catch system is ideal. This type of swim spa creates the smoothest possible swim through its conveyor belt motion. If you’re unsure whether a particular swim spa features this type of system, just ask your dealer.

Pay Attention to the Jets

Jets are key to creating a perfect swim. You want a jet system that creates a large, wide current with very little turbulence. A system jet that shreds the vortex as it emerges, such as Hydropool’s Sweep 90 jets, will ensure that your swim is flat and smooth.

Look for Smart Design Features

The design of the swim spa’s channel and shell is also crucial when you want the perfect swim. Make sure your swim spa features a curved shell that will tone down the current and prevent backsplash.

Hot Tub Issues That Can Detract from Your Swim

There is a wide range of design and mechanical issues that can create a swim that is less than perfect. You should always avoid:

1. Rectangular, straight-walled channel design
While many swim spas are shaped like rectangles with straight walls, this can create problems for swimmers. This shape creates a very strong current and extreme backsplash that will make your swim choppy. Rather than choosing a rectangular design, look for a swim spa that has outcrops and does not include bench style seating. This type of design will ensure that the current isn’t choppy.

2. Fire house, air injection jets
Fire house style jets have many controllers that can be used to individually position the jets. This can make it extremely difficult to create a smooth and even swim. Instead, make sure both jets can be adjusted at the same time for a flatter swim.

3. Low water volume
If your swim spa doesn’t have enough water volume, it will be impossible to create the perfect swim. To test whether the water volume is high enough, make sure you can swim all swim strokes and that you have enough water to use a wide and deep stroke. If this isn’t possible, choose a swim spa that holds a higher volume of water.

Now that you have a better understanding of what to look for in a swim spa, download our buyer’s guide and find the right model for your needs.

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