How Much Pool Water Is Needed for Testing?

Why is Above Ground Pool Water Cloudy?

When you think about relaxing and swimming in your backyard swimming pool you’d normally envision a bright sunny day, blues skies, clear, refreshing water and possibly some type of iced fruity drink. And while there’s nothing that can be done about the weather or your distaste for tropical thirst quenchers, as a pool owner, it’s your job to ensure that the swimming pool water remains clear, clean and fresh. If it isn’t, you could be asking for all sorts of trouble. You need to get to the bottom of it. Why is above ground pool water cloudy? Check out this list and compare notes.

Your Chlorine Levels Are Out of Balance

Out of balance chlorine levels are the most common cause of cloudy water. If the chlorine levels are too low the water will begin to smell strongly of chlorine (it’s actually chloramines you’re smelling) and look cloudy. Test your water and get your chlorine levels back in balance.

Your pH Levels Are Too High

If your pH levels are too high, you’ll end up with scaling and cloudy water due to calcium precipitating out of the water. High pH also affects the ability of chlorine to kill germs and other nasties. You should be checking your pH levels a few times a week, or even more if your pool is getting a lot of use.

Your Total Alkalinity Levels Are Too High

When your total alkalinity levels get too high, you’ll end up with problems similar to what happens when the pH levels get too high. Cloudy water and calcium scaling. Total alkalinity is a measurement of how well the water is able to resist pH changes. If your total alkalinity is off it’s going to be very hard to adjust your pH (and keep your water, clear.) Test for this at least once a week.

Ammonia and Algae Are Building Up

You’ll usually run into this problem at the beginning of the season when you’re opening up your pool. Ammonia and algae build ups usually occur because your free chlorine levels are too low. Once again, test your water and get your chlorine levels back in balance.

Your Water Filter Isn’t Working Properly

Your water filter is supposed to do exactly that. Filter out debris from the water. If it’s not doing its job your water is going to start to look cloudy. If you’ve been consistently running your water filter without result, it’s time to take it apart and check if the filters are clogged, breaking down or fitted improperly. Sand filters need to be backwashed weekly while cartridge filters need to be done every two to six weeks.

Your Swimming Pool Needs A Scrub

If all your tests are turning up normal and your filtration system is working properly, maybe you just haven’t given your pool a good vacuuming and scrubbing in a while. We understand, it’s easy to forget, or at least ignore. Who wants to be cleaning the pool when they could be floating in a water chair? But this needs to be done regularly. If you really hate this job, maybe it’s time to invest in a robotic vacuum cleaner!

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