What Pool Toys Should I Get

What Pool Toys Should I Get?

Swimming pools are great places to cool off, relax, get some exercise or spend time socializing with family and friends. But what if you want to up the fun factor a notch? One of the best ways to make your pool more fun is to get some pool toys. Now you’re probably asking yourself, “What pool toys should I get?” To make things somewhat easier we’ve come up with a list of some of the more popular pool toys for both adults and children these days.

Mermaid Tails

Mermaids were once the sole domain of children’s stories, mythological legends, and Disney films. But now you can live out your mermaid fantasy in the comfort of your own backyard swimming pool. There are very realistic versions of mermaid tails on the market these days. They fit over the bottom half of your body like a swimsuit or wetsuit. You can also get a sturdy double fin that will allow you to power through the water at great speeds. If you’re looking for the ultimate Instagrammable moment next to your pool, a mermaid tail is a must-have.

Giant Inflatable Unicorns

You may have seen the English men’s World Cup soccer team unwinding in their training facility pool with inflatable unicorns. This is your chance to go bigger and better than international level sports stars. Although you can get single person inflatable unicorns, you can also get giant eight-foot inflatables that hold multiple people! This is another pool toy for the up and coming Instagram influencer.

Emoji Beach Balls

Beach balls are a swimming pool classic. But now they’ve been updated for the twenty-first century! Face it, red, orange and blue stripes are kind of boring. Emoji beach balls are emblazoned with your favorite emoji designs. Winky faces, lol faces and shade wearing smiley faces? Not so much!

Inflatable Pool Drink Holders

These may be designed for the adults, but of course, kids could use them too. These tiny inflatable flamingos are big enough to hold a single drink afloat in the pool. These buoyant crafts are designed so they won’t tip over even with an extra-large drink. If flamingos aren’t your thing there are also starfish, unicorns, swans and several other choices available.

Diving Rings

Diving rings are another pool toy classic. These weighted rings drop to the bottom of the pool for you or your children to dive after and pick up. These are great for budding swimmers to work on breath control and diving abilities. Simple and cheap, yet fun and effective.

Baby Floats

When you have a baby in the pool with you, you want them to be safe and comfortable. Baby floats are built to be extra stable in the water. They also usually have some sort of sunscreen device as well. Attached toys will amuse your toddler for hours.

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