Spring Pool Opening Tips

Spring Pool Opening Tips

For swimming pool owners, the coming of summer often brings two conflicting emotions. One is of excitement for being able to get back into the pool for another season, while the other is dreading having to go through the steps needed to open the pool properly to allow for safe and healthy swimming.

Rather than procrastinate, get out there as soon as the weather starts warming up because you don’t want the really warm weather to hit when your pool isn’t ready to go yet. At this point in history, it seems that winter goes straight into summer, so make sure your pool is ready before the weather turns. We’ve come up with some spring pool opening tips to make it a little easier to get motivated.

Clean Your Pool Cover

No matter what type of pool cover you own, it’s good practice to give it a good cleaning at the beginning of every pool season. Not only will this add to the pool cover’s longevity it’ll prevent excess debris from getting into your pool and causing you and your water filtration system to work overtime. A good scrub down of your pool cover is a good way to get into the swing of things as well.

Skim the Water

You’ll probably have accumulated a bunch of debris over the winter, so get out your net and skim it all off the water’s surface. If you look at this from the right perspective, skimming your pool can be a very Zen-like activity rather than a bothersome chore. Take your time, enjoy the outdoors and get the job done without fretting too much.

Vacuum the Walls and Floor

After you’ve gotten the floaty bits off the surface, get out your vacuum cleaner and give the pool walls a good scrub. If you have a robotic pool vacuum, now’s the time to set it loose and let it do its job. In the meantime, you can move onto the next step.

Inspect Your Mechanics

Take a look at all the various components of the pool and make sure there are no obvious flaws or defects. Check for leaks, loose parts, frayed bits or anything else that might affect that running of your pool. You’ll want to repair anything that needs it long before you are ready to dive into the water. Make sure your pump and heater are working properly and your filters are clean.

Balance the Water

Now’s the time for your chemical tests to ensure your levels such as pH, chlorine, and alkalinity are all in order. Balance them according to the test instructions before turning on your pump to get the water circulating. You’re now that much closer to being ready for the upcoming pool season!

Now that you know how simple it is to open your pool in the Spring, find out more about our models.

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