How to Store Above Ground Pool for Winter

How to Store Above Ground Pool for Winter

Many of those who have an above ground don’t realize that it’s possible to pack it up and store it over the winter. They aren’t known as portable pools for no reason at all! However, storing your pool properly over the off-season will ensure it’s ready to go once the warm weather returns. If you’re looking for ideas on how to store above ground pool for winter, this article will give you some important pointers.

Empty and Dry the Pool

When it comes time to take down your pool, you’ll need to empty it of water and allow it to thoroughly dry. Any excess moisture can allow mold and other things that are harmful to you and your pool to grow. For this reason it’s important that the weather is cooperating with you. Try and time this process to occur during a period of windy, warm and/or sunny weather. Once the pool is completely drained of water, wipe down all the surfaces with some old towels to aid in the drying process. Make sure to allow both sides of the liner to dry. This may require flipping it over several times.

Fold and Roll the Liner

When you’re happy that the liner is sufficiently dry you can start to fold it. It’s a good idea to sprinkle a coating of talcum powder over the liner to suck up any extra moisture and prevent it from sticking to itself after being stored over the winter. The fewer folds you have will reduce the chances of excess creasing and will make it easier to re-install the following year. Therefore, it’s a good idea to fold the liner once and then roll it up from there. If you have some sort of bag or protective covering for the liner it will help protect it from insects, rodents and inclement weather.

Dismantle the Frame

Once your liner is taken care of it’s time to dismantle the frame. It’s a good idea to give the frame a good visual inspection while keeping an eye out for any rusty spots. They may be quite extensive, especially if you’re using a saltwater system. Work the rust spots with steel wool and rust remover. Once you’ve gotten rid of all the rust you should paint over the affected areas with good rust-resistant spray paint. You’ll want to store the pieces of the frame somewhere where they’re protected from the elements. If you don’t have a garage or basement that it can fit in, you might consider getting a special storage unit, such as a shed or chest, to keep it in. This will ensure it’s still in good shape once the next summer comes around.

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