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How to Prep for an Above-Ground Pool

If you’re looking to buy an above-ground pool and are wondering how to prep for the delivery and installation of it, then you’re in good hands. Below, we will walk you through all of the key steps to take in preparation for the arrival of your above-ground pool.

Prepping for your Above-Ground Pool:

Before prepping for an above-ground pool installation, it’s best to check your area’s bylaws to ensure there is a safe distance between where your pool will be and structures, property lines, etc. You will also need to get a pool permit before any work is done. After you’ve been given the go-ahead to begin prepping for the installation of your above-ground pool, the first thing you need to consider is where the best area in your yard would be. If you have an area that is already somewhat level and is not in close proximity to your home or power lines, then it’s safe to say you’ve pretty much hit the jackpot.

At this time, you can check to see how large of a surface area your pool will fill. It’s best to determine the middle point of where your pool will be and measure the distance around it, taking into consideration how large the pool is you’re looking at. We recommend taking a string and tying it to a metal stake. Put the stake in your centre point and measure the distance around it with a spray can or something else to represent the borders of your pool. Once you have figured out the appropriate size you have to work with, you will need to make sure there are no trees, bushes, shrubs, etc., in that area. At this point, you can use a rake to remove anything that will be in the way of your pool.

If your land isn’t completely flat, you will need to determine the lowest point and dig the rest to meet that level. You can do this by using metal stakes to determine the ground levels. It is always recommended to find the lowest point and take away from parts of your yard that are higher than trying to add to the parts of the earth that are lower. This just ensures a safer structure for your pool to rest on. However, before digging too far, we recommend you hire a professional to ensure you won’t be coming into contact with any utility lines when digging.

Establishing a Solid Foundation for your Pool:

From here, it’s recommended to determine what base would be best for your yard and specific pool. One option is to have sand delivered to further even out the ground for your pool and create a sturdy structure that will protect your liner. That being said, ensure the sand you order is masonry or polymeric sand that won’t have small pebbles or gravel in it, as this can damage your liner.

Other options would be getting commercial pads to put in before installing your above-ground pool. There are a few different options, all of which can make great sturdy surfaces for your above-ground pool. The most important thing to remember is that the prep work done to ensure your ground is level will set the basis for how well everything else can perform. So one of the most crucial things to keep in mind is that you have used levelling tools to make sure you have an even ground to work with moving forward.

These are some of the main things to keep in mind when preparing for an above-ground pool installation. Whether you’re able to do most of these things yourself or are looking to hire contractors to do the prep work, the processes involved in an above-ground pool are far less extensive than an in-ground pool would require. Not to mention, the cost of installing an above-ground pool will be a quarter of the price. When prepping your home for an above-ground pool, there are many resources and people that can help you, so there’s no need to stress!

Once you’ve established the best location for your above-ground pool, you’re ready to have it installed! Download our coupon to get your discount today.


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