How Much Pool Water Is Needed for Testing?

Clear Water, Clear Instructions

Having an above ground pool or in-ground pool is the perfect summer spot for relaxing, socializing, and recreation. But before you can truly enjoy using your pool, the water needs to be clean and sanitary. While it may seem like it would be time-consuming and difficult to maintain proper water chemistry in your pool, it is actually quite easy to do provided the proper instructions are followed. To get clear water, clear instructions are necessary, which is why it is important to talk to your local pool dealer when you purchase your pool so that you know the exact steps needed to properly care for it.

If you have owned a pool for a while, but still are not sure exactly how you should be keeping your water clean, here are some helpful tips.

Be Consistent

Keeping your water clean and clear requires consistency. First, you need to select a water care system and follow the guidelines regularly along with routine maintenance on the equipment. This includes testing your pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, cyanuric acid, sanitizer, and other water chemistry levels weekly. Collect the water sample from your pool going elbow deep and analyze with test strips or with a few drops of various reagents from a test kit. Based upon the gallon capacity, most balancing chemicals will have dosages on the back of the container to indicate the amount required to bring the water chemistry to the appropriate levels. 

Water Chemistry

There are also other water chemistry levels that need to be tested on a monthly basis. While adjusting water chemistry may sound intimidating, with consistency and practice it will become easy to perform a couple of steps to maintain clear, clean water. However, if you would prefer having a professional handle your weekly or even monthly water and pool maintenance, we are here to help! Our Service Department offers various maintenance contracts and services. We also offer at all three of our store locations professional water analysis and provide a detailed list of recommendations required to accurately balance your pool, hot tub, or swim spa water chemistry.

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