Will a Hot Tub Fit Through My Door

Having a hot tub indoors can have plenty of benefits. More privacy, no errant weather to deal with, and it can easily become a part of your wellness routine. However, some of the first considerations you need to make for installation are where are you going to put the unit and can it fit through your door.

If you’re preparing for an in-home hot tub installation, read this article to prepare for it.

Door Frame

There are some rooms in your house like the garage or sunroom where a hot tub would be easy to get through a door. Traditionally sized doors can be more difficult. For an average sized hot tub, you need a door frame to be 33” wide and 80” tall at least. If you’re constructing a home and thinking about a hot tub installation, French doors are a great way to allow larger pieces of furniture through your home.


Before finalizing your hot tub location, have a contractor inspect where you’d like the unit to rest. He needs to check that the foundation is adequate to support your hot tub which can weigh up to 3,000 pounds when full.


Hot tubs are steamy and cause humidity buildup. The condensation can damage the interior walls of your home if there isn’t adequate ventilation. Make sure you have the proper HVAC system installed to pull the humidity out of the hot tub room.

You should also use humidity-friendly building materials like cement, tile, and glass to prevent rotting or damage to your home’s structure. You can use these materials for your floors and ceilings. Something else to consider is installing non-slip flooring around the tub to prevent accidents.

Small Spaces

What happens if all your doorways are too small? Many manufacturers like Hydropool offer smaller hot tub units that fit 2-3 people. Those smaller units are easier to transport into your home and through conventional door sizes. Before you pull the trigger on a hot tub, consult with your local hot tub dealer who can help you find the right model for your home.

To learn more about finding the best interior hot tub for your home, download our hot tub buyer’s guide.

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