Will an Above Ground Pool Kill my Grass?

Why is Pool Exercise Preferred to Exercising in a Gym?

If you have an above ground pool or a swim spa, you might not realize it, but you have easy access to a professional gym in the comfort of your own backyard. The exercise you can get in a swimming pool or swim spa rivals anything you can do with an expensive gym membership. It also has added advantages that you could never get from your local commercial gym. Why is pool exercise preferred to exercising in a gym? Read more to find out.

Water Resistance for An Intense Workout

There are many different ways to exercise in your above ground swimming pool or swim spa that can provide a full workout that’s comparable to, or even more intense, than anything you can do in your local gym. Water creates a resistance that’s more than 10 times stronger than that caused by air. How much this water resistance affects you depends on how much effort you put into your workout. Whether you’re swimming, jogging or doing water aerobics, water resistance will make sure you achieve the workout intensity you’re looking for.

Low to Zero-Impact Exercise

The buoyancy provided by the water of your swimming pool or swim spa can reduce the load-bearing weight on your body by as much as 90%. When performing exercises in the shallow end of the pool you’ll effectively lower the impact on your bones and joints by 90% when compared to doing the same exercises on land. If you do your exercise in the deep end (often with the aid of flotation devices) or without touching the pool floor, you’ll effectively be performing a zero-impact workout. Exercising in water is great for arthritis sufferers, those with bone issues, pregnant women and senior citizens.

Complete Body Exercise

By combining various water exercise regimes such as swimming, aerobics, and water walking or jogging, you can work out virtually every part of your body that you could work out in a gym. Not only can you isolate specific body parts such as your legs, arms, glutes and more, but you’ll also have a much lower chance of injury due to improved balance and the fact that you control how much force is exerted. For a complete body workout that rivals anything done in a gym, consider exercising in your pool or swim spa.

Easy Access

When you have your own above ground pool or swim spa, you effectively have a complete gym available to you on your own property. You won’t have to worry about traffic, weather or the will to travel to the gym. All you need to do is get on your bathing suit and get into the water. Take advantage of the proximity and perform your workout in a nearby, comfortable place.

To find out more about above ground pools, download a brochure.

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