Why Cover an Above Ground Pool in the Winter

Why Cover an Above Ground Pool in the Winter?

If you’re unlucky enough to live in a part of the country that gets cold, snowy winters, you’ll know the feeling that occurs once the days get shorter, the weather cools off and the leaves start to fall. Once it gets too cold to swim, you’ll need to close down your pool for the winter. A big part of this is installing the winter cover for your pool. Why cover an above ground pool in the winter? It’s essential to protect your pool from the frost, cold and snowy weather and ensure it’ll be ready to use once the warm weather returns. In this article, we’ll go over the steps needed to install your winter pool cover.

Preparing Your Pool to Be Covered

It’s not a good idea to just cover up your pool and leave it for the winter. You’ll need to take some preparatory steps before you get to the point of covering the pool. This includes giving your pool a good cleaning. Brush the walls of the pool, give it a good vacuuming and skim the surface. This will make it easier to balance the water, which will be your next step, and prevent mold and algae from growing over the winter. Once the water is balanced, you’ll want to add a shock to make sure the sanitizer lasts throughout the winter. If you know your pool is susceptible to algae now is the time to add a winter algaecide and enzyme treatment. You can then move on to the pool components. You’ll need to remove and clean all the pipes and hoses and store them for the winter. Remove your skimmer basket or install a winter skimmer cover. Winterize your pool pump by removing drain plugs and hoses and storing them properly. Your filter also needs to be winterized depending on the type you use. You’ll want to lower the water level below the skimmer intake and return if you’re not using a winter cover. Emptying the pool completely is inadvisable since it’ll likely end up damaging your liner. 

Installing the Winter Cover

Now your pool is prepped for winter shut down you can install the winter cover. This job is usually easier with more than one person, so it’s time to enlist some family or friends. Spread the cover out and pull it over the pool. Make sure it’s even around all the edges of the pool. Some people will also lay a leaf net over top of the winter cover to make removing leaves a simple one-step process. Allowing acidic leaves to remain on top of the winter cover will eventually cause it to crack and disintegrate. When the covers are in place, simply thread the cable through the grommets and have it pulled tight. You’ll probably need to use a winch to secure it firmly to the edges of the pool. Winter covers can often sustain damage from being whipped around by the wind. There are many products available to prevent this from happening. If you live in a very windy area, these could be good investments. And there you have it! Your pool is covered for the winter.

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