What is The Deepest Above Ground Pool You Can Get?

What’s The Biggest Above Ground Pool You Can Get?

There are many benefits that come with an above ground pool that you might not see within ground or semi in-ground pools. One of the important issues to consider is the ability to easily maintain your pool. Above ground pools allow you to access all the components without having to remove any panels or crawl around in tight spaces. Above ground pools also give you the ability to install quite a large pool without having to dig up your entire lawn. This article will go over the various types and size of above ground pools, what the biggest above ground pool you can get is and highlight some of their advantages compared to other pool types.

Sizes And Shapes Of Above Ground Swimming Pools

Most above ground pools are available in oval or round shapes. Round pools can get up to 33 feet in diameter with the smallest ones around 12 feet. Oval pools come in a wider range of sizes and styles with some of the biggest ones reaching about 40 feet in length and about 20 feet in width. The size and shape of your pool really come down to the space you have to work with and your own personal preference.

It’s important to remember that pool measurements are related to the inside of the pool, not the outer perimeter. For example, what’s known as a 30-foot pool can actually be 34 feet long when the outer wall measurements are taken into account. This can be a very important consideration when choosing your pool size and the location for installation. You’ll also need to choose the height of your swimming pool. You may find them as tall as 54 inches.

Space Limitations

If space constraints are a factor when it comes to installing your pool, above ground pools are much better suited for the situation. They can be more easily installed in smaller areas than in-ground pools because there is less need for large digging equipment and landscaping techniques. It can be easy to choose a size of above ground pool that fits your backyard area perfectly.


Another added bonus of above ground pools is that if you decide to move, you can take your pool with you. You don’t have this option with in-ground pools. Above ground pools can be easily disassembled and relocated. Simply empty the pool, break it down to its core constituents, pack it up and bring it to your new location where you can put it back together again.

Sizing Issues

Ultimately the size of your pool will depend on the space you have available and the ways in which you plan to use it. Make sure to make careful measurements of both the pool and your yard to avoid any surprise when it comes time for installation.

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