What Size Pool for Family of 4

What Size Pool for Family of 4?

Once you actually decide that you want to buy a swim spa, the real questions start to come into play. One of the major decisions that you’ll have to make is what size of swim spa will work best for you. Maybe you’re wondering what size pool for a family of 4 will work best or what type of swim spa is better for a competitive swimmer. To help you get your head around the decisions that need to be made before buying, we’ve come up with an article to make sure you’ve considered all the different angles.

Swimming or Soaking?

Swim spas are unique in that they allow you to practice your swimming strokes while also providing a soaking tub where you can receive a warm water massage. When choosing between 16, 17 or 19-foot swim spas, the type of activities that you’ll be participating in most will dictate the size of the tub you need. If your family is composed of competitive swimmers, you’ll likely want the larger swim spa with a stronger current. If swimming is simply an activity that your family would like to have the option of performing, but they’re more inclined to use the swim spa as a hot tub, then a smaller swim spa might suffice. 

What’s Your Family Body Type?

Body type will play as much of a role in the size of your swim spa as how you plan on using it. Those families who are taller will likely feel more comfortable in a larger swim spa. Those who are shorter may feel completely okay in a smaller swim spa. If the swim spa is primarily for your children or grandchildren, you might not need the biggest tub on the market. Whereas if you have a family of full-grown athletes it may make more sense to pay for those few extra feet in length. If you’re over six feet tall, you’ll need to pay attention to the size and comfort of your pool.

How Much Space Do You Have?

One of the biggest limiting factors on the size of your swim spa is the size of the space you have to install it in. It’s possible you’ve already decided on the swim spa because of limited space. If that’s the case, you should make sure that you have enough free space to install the size of swim spa that you want. You’ll also need to take into account the installation process. Most swim spas will arrive at your house as a single unit. You want to make sure you can get the swim spa from the delivery truck to your chosen spot without having to do any last-minute remodeling of your property. It’s happened more than once where an overexcited customer has had to leave their swim spa on their front lawn until they figured out a way to get it around some sharp corners or through some tight spaces.

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