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What Size Hot Tub is the Largest?

Hot tubs come in many different sizes and shapes, and if you’re looking at one for your home, you might be wondering what the biggest option on the market is. The largest hot tub to choose from holds nine people, and we’ll be looking at Hydropool’s 970 Titanium spa as a reference today.

What are Some of the Features of a 9-Person Hot Tub?

One of the many benefits of owning a 9-person hot tub is how spacious it is. You can fit all of your family and friends comfortably at once in a hot tub of this size. This Hydropool model that we’ll be referring to has a Muskoka style chair, lounger and nine full-sized seats. Since there are so many different options to choose from, you can be sure that everyone will find the perfect seat for them. A hot tub of this size also features a lot of jet options, and this one specifically has over 70 fully adjustable jets.

Another incredible feature of this specific 9-person hot tub is that it offers a self-cleaning feature. This is incredibly useful for a spa of this size because keeping this amount of water clean might seem like a lot of work. However, this feature automatically cleans 100 percent of its water every fifteen minutes. Of course, you will still need to regularly check your pH to ensure they’re healthy 7.2 to 7.8 and the sanitizer levels are within range. With this said, this self-cleaning technology means that you can spend more time enjoying your hot tub and less time worrying about how clean it is.

Oftentimes, when we make a big purchase, like a home, car, etc., many of us might think that the bigger it is, the more you’ll need to clean it. But luckily, with this hot tub feature, that’s not the case.

Cleanliness aside, this 9-person hot tub also includes non-slip, easy access steps built right into the interior. It also has safety grab handles for an extra level of security. When looking at a hot tub of this size, these features are things to keep in mind. Not only do they make it safe for everyone entering and exiting the hot tub, but they’re also thoughtful additions for the elderly, children or people with physical disabilities or injuries. Having additions like this to a hot tub this large makes it practical and accessible for everyone.

Hydropool’s 9-person hot tub also has energy-efficient features. This means that you won’t need to worry too much about how much it might be adding to your electricity bills. Included in the energy-efficient features is the Thermal Shield Insulation System, which keeps the cold out and the warmth in. On top of this, the Premium Everlast Cabinet delivers superior energy efficiency. These two features combined decrease the use of electricity to heat your hot tub, which will ultimately keep your electricity bills low. In addition, there are so many incredible features to add to your spa experience, like LED lighting so that you can enjoy this hot tub both day and night.

What are Some of the Disadvantages of a 9-Person Hot Tub?

Even though there are endless benefits to owning a 9-person hot tub, there are always certain things that could be considered a disadvantage. It’s safe to say that a 9-person hot tub will need to have enough yard space to house it because of its size. This takes into consideration the safe distance that’s required between a hot tub and other structures too. Once it’s filled with water and people, this hot tub is over 6 thousand pounds. Therefore, you also need to ensure that the structure it’s resting on is strong enough to hold that amount of weight. It’s important always to have a good base for your hot tub, but it’s even more imperative with very large or heavy ones. However, installing a concrete slab or having other structures put into place is a simple fix to this potential issue.

Normally many of us would assume their electricity bills would increase with a hot tub like this. However, as we previously mentioned, because it has energy-efficient features, it shouldn’t cost any more than a smaller spa would. This is something to keep in mind if you’re looking at other 9-person hot tubs that don’t include features like this. It’s best to try and find options with these features for various reasons, including your cost to heat and run it long-term.

With all that said, it’s essential to weigh the potential pros and cons of a hot tub of any size. It’s good to know what space you’re working with before choosing the size. However, if you decide that a 9-person hot tub is right for you and your home, then you’ll have a spa that provides endless benefits for you and all of your friends and family to enjoy.

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