What Size Above Ground Pool is Best?

What Size Above Ground Pool is Best?

Deciding to bring home the joys of your own private pool can be an exciting decision. You may begin dreaming of luscious landscapes with sparkling blue waters, but there are a couple of important decisions you need to make first. For example, how large should your swimming pool be? To answer this question there are a few things you should consider.

Who Will be Using You Pool And How Often?

Do you plan on quiet evenings with your spouse cooling off in the pool? Do you have one child? Is your backyard on the smaller side? If you answered yes to any of these questions a smaller pool may be a better option.

On the other end, if you have many kids, plan on entertaining frequently, or live in an area that frequently experiences heat waves, a larger pool may be a better option.

Consider the friends and family that will be taking dips in your backyard and how often. This will help you visualize whether a small pool is all you need or a large pool will fit your lifestyle better.

Will You be Exercising in Your Pool?

If you plan on swimming laps in your pool, a pool with length may be necessary. We suggest having at least 30 feet to swim laps. If you are not interested in this sort of exercise, it may be another reason to consider a small pool.

What Other Accessories Would I Like For my Pool Area?

If you immediately considered a large pool for entertainment purposes you may want to consider the entire layout first. Do you also want to incorporate a grill, table, or some chairs? Consider these additional elements when thinking about what size pool is best for you.

What Sort of Entertainment Will You be Providing?

If you are going to be using your pool for entertainment purposes, will it be small casual family get-togethers? Or do you hope to invite the whole neighborhood or coworkers? This may play an important purpose in deciding if the space is large and nice enough for its intended purpose.

Will Your Family be Growing?

If you are just starting your family, consider what your life may look like in 5 or 10 years. Pools can last decades if taken care of so you will want to consider any new bathers that will want to enjoy those cool water with you. This can be anyone from new bundles of joy to expanding your home to include your in-laws.

What is Your Budget?

There are two sorts of budgets you will want to consider. First, the initial budget for building the pool. A larger pool is going to cost more money so receiving a quote can be crucial in making sure you can afford whatever you install.

The second budget you will want to consider is your monthly budget. While pools should not take a large chunk out of your monthly spending, you do want to consider the additional costs of operating and maintaining a larger pool. Things like energy and chemical costs can be calculated with the help of your local pool installer.

When installing a new pool for your home there are many factors to consider all around, but the layout may be one of the most important. Once a pool is installed, it can be incredibly difficult and expensive to go back and make changes. Make sure you get it right the first time by diligently considering all of the most important questions.

To learn more, download an above ground pool brochure.

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