What Is the Best Swim Spa on The Market?

If you’ve already decided that a swim spa is the right choice for you, you’re probably most interested in the flexibility that it offers. You’re able to get in the workout that swimming pool enthusiasts attest to while also being able to soak in the warm, bubbly waters that hot tub aficionados advocate. But when trying to figure out what is the best swim spa on the market, a potential buyer is faced with a myriad of decisions. We’ve come up with this article to give you a list of questions you should ask yourself when trying to figure out which swim spa will be best for you.

Who Will Be Using It?

Understanding who will be using the swim spa the most and what they’re most likely to be using it for will give you a starting point to work from. If you live on your own and are most interested in an intense swimming workout, your needs will be different than if you have a full family and just want a place to have fun, relax and be together. Consider the number of people likely to be using the swim spa on a regular basis and what they’re most likely to be doing while using it.

How Much Are You Willing to Pay?

Unfortunately, cost plays a major role in most of the decisions we make throughout life. A swim spa is no different. There’s a wide range is swim spa prices and your budget will play a role in deciding what’s best for you. Of course, like many things, paying the lowest price initially can end up costing you more in the long run. That’s not to say there aren’t bargains to be found, but you’ll have to pay attention to the tradeoff between price and quality. Also keep in mind the costs of running and maintaining your swim spa. Larger tubs will cost more to run and more to repair if you end up with problems. Budget accordingly.

How Big Does It Need to Be?

Swim spas come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. You can choose between single and multiple tank versions and you’ll also need to make decisions about the amount of room needed for swimming and soaking. The size and style of your swim spa will also be affected by your budget and what you plan on using it for most. Envision how many people will be using the swim spa on a regular basis, what their needs are and compare it with what you can afford. Bigger is nice, but it may not always be better.

How Strong A Swimmer Are You?

When it comes to the swimming current, you’ll need to ask yourself how strong you need it to be. If you’re a competitive swimmer or already quite experienced in using swimming as an exercise, you’ll want a swim spa that can challenge you. If you think it’ll mainly be used by your kids, you might not need the strongest current on the market. Swim spa pumps are rated by gallons per minute. The stronger your swimming stroke, the more gallons per minute you should be considering.

How Much Current Control Will You Need?

Current controls can range from a simple on/off switch to a multivariable control system that governs a wide range of factors. The type of swimming you plan on doing will play a large role in what will work best for you. If you plan on working on a variety of swimming strokes, you’ll want more control over your current. If you just plan on doing the front crawl for a few minutes each day, it may not matter as much.

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