What Is A Swim Spa Pool

What Is A Swim Spa Pool?

Every diehard swimmer wishes they had a private swimming pool. Unfortunately, due to space or economic constraints, owning one might not be possible. However, for some, a swim spa pool might be a good substitute. For those who are asking, “What is a swim spa pool?” we’ve put together this guide.

What Is A Swim Spa Pool?

Swim spa pools differ from regular swimming pools in that they’re much shorter in length and width. To allow the swimmer to practice their stroke in such a small amount of space, a powerful current is created that keeps them in one place as they swim. This means that the swimmer can paddle continuously without reaching the edge of the pool. They never have to stop and turn around. Most swim spa pools are 12 to 19 feet in length while the typical full-sized swimming pool or lap pool is more than 35 feet long. The small size of swim spa pools provides them with some extraordinary benefits which we’ll describe.

All-Weather Swimming

Because the swim spa pool holds much less water than its full-sized counterpart it’s possible to support regular water temperatures regardless of the surrounding weather. This means that a swim spa can be used in the depths of a freezing winter. If you live in a part of the nation that experiences several months of cold weather you couldn’t be blamed for not wanting to invest in a regular swimming pool. However, a swim spa pool will allow you to swim regardless of the season or outdoor temperatures. Those who are looking for an all-weather swimming experience should consider a swim spa pool.

All-Round Aquatic Experience

When you have a swim spa pool, you’re not restricted to simply swimming. While you can partake in almost all the activities that you can perform in a full-sized swimming pool, there are things that can be done in a swim spa pool that are impossible in a regular pool. Take hot tubbing, for example. Many swim spas have seating equipped with water jets that are the same as those found in a hot tub. Some of the premium swim spa pools have a separate tank with a separate water temperature control that allows swimming and hot tubbing to happen at the same time. The current generated by the swim spa pool also creates some unique possibilities when it comes to aquatic fun. Tether a boogie board or a small dinghy to the edge and ride the current like a surfer or sailor. Rather than choose between a hot tub or a swimming pool, get the best of both worlds with a swim spa pool.

Self-Contained Convenience

Self-contained swim spa pools, also known as portable swim spas, fit the tank, the mechanical components and the plumbing inside a single cabinet. This neat, compact package makes for easy installation and creates a streamlined look in your backyard. If you have to move house, the swim spa can come with you without too much hassle.

Customized, Modular Packages

The opposite of the portable swim spa pool is the modular swim spa pool. The various components of the modular swim spa come in separate pieces and are put together on site. This gives modular swim spas flexibility that portable swim spas don’t have. The various pieces of the modular swim spa are much smaller than the single-piece portable which allows them to fit through doors and other tight spaces. This is ideal for installing a swim spa in a pre-existing house or a backyard that’s hard to reach. Modular swim spas can also be customized to meet the needs of its users. They can be built larger than the average portable swim spa or the mechanical components can be kept off-site in a pool house or shed. Modular swim spa pools are generally more adaptable than their portable counterparts.

After reading this article you should have a better idea of what a swim spa pool is. If you need more information, download a free buyer’s guide.

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