What Is a Plug and Play Hot Tub?

What Is a Plug and Play Hot Tub?

If you have your heart set on owning your own hot tub, but worry about the electrical requirements, a plug and play hot tub may be a great solution for you. What is a plug and play hot tub exactly? This hot tub utilizes the standard household socket of 110v. This allows users to simply plug their hot tub into any outlet. Eliminating the need for complicated installation or wiring fees. In the following article, you will learn about plug and play hot tubs to discover if they may be right for you.

Types of Plug and Play Hot Tubs

Some plug and play options are soft portable models, similar to the small blow up outdoor pools you may find. This makes these hot tubs popular for portability, like if you wanted to throw it into your truck and bring up to a vacation spot for the weekend. However, this does make the lifespan and special features limited.

Although this does not mean you cannot get great quality with your plug and play hot tub. For instance, you will find that the Hydropool Serenity 5 Special Edition model comes with plug and play technology while also offering full features. These include LED lighting, cabinet customization options, Triple Shield Insulation, proper safety handles, and the ability to hold 5 bathers.

Benefits of Plug and Play Hot Tubs

When hot tubs use plug and play, these tubs require as few as 11 amps. This allows the hot tub to plug into any outlet in a home without additional installation needed. This is an ideal option for those that may want a hot tub but are only renting or move frequently. Plug and play models make it easy to relocate your hot tub as you move.

Really, the main benefit that comes with plug and play hot tubs is how quickly and easily they can be assembled. This makes them preferable for cottages, vacation homes, rental homes, a balcony, or even a patio. Eliminating the need for an electrician reduces the installation costs to nearly zero.

While hardwired models may be the most energy efficient, plug and play models are also known to have decent energy efficiency along with their easy maintenance.

Should I Buy a Plug and Play Hot Tub?

If you are looking for easy installation and quick portability, know that plug and play is the best way to go. However, if you want a hot tub that can be secured, blended into your patio or deck, be accompanied by beautiful landscaping, or quick water temperature changes, then you will want to consider the standard hardwired model.

Another important factor in making this decision is whether you want to use your hot tub in the winter time. When the temperature drops a hardwired hot tub will be able to run both the pump and motor simultaneously, helping keep the water nice and warm.

When choosing the model that is best for you and your family, it is best to compare all the benefits and features of each model. Consider factors like the price, installation costs, what may be involved during the installation, energy efficiency, and the hot tubs performance. If you come up with any questions along the way, your hot tub dealer can provide you with plenty of information.

You now have all the necessary information regarding plug and play hot tubs, to start shopping download our hot tub buyer’s guide.

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