What Hot Tub Should I Buy?

Congratulations on your decision to buy a hot tub! But now you’re faced with the question, “What hot tub should I buy?” Because there are so many hot tubs available on the market these days, this can be a daunting question. To make it easier on you we’ve come up with a list of questions you might want to ask yourself to help you decide what type of hot tub is most appropriate for you.

Can You Use A Hot Tub?

This should probably be the first question you ask yourself – and your doctor. For some people with serious medical conditions such as heart problems, hot tubs might be very dangerous. Pregnant women should also seek medical advice before using a hot tub. Hot tub water temperatures can reach as high as 104 degrees Fahrenheit and this may cause problems for people with certain ailments. Make sure you’re not one of them before you end up spending your money.

What’s Your Budget?

The amount of money you have to spend will dictate what types of hot tubs you’ll be looking at. You can get inflatable models quite cheap these days, but you shouldn’t expect to get decades of use out of them. If you want something more permanent, you might consider looking at an in-ground model. Or you can have the best of both worlds with an above ground hot tub. Also, make sure to keep in mind that the types of accessories that you want will also affect the price of your purchase.

Who Will Use the Hot Tub?

Knowing how the hot tub is being used will allow you to decide on the right type and size. Someone with a five-person family who envisions having hot tub parties on a regular basis will need a much larger unit than a single person without a large circle of family and friends. If you or your family members plan on using the hot tub for exercise or hydrotherapy, certain models will make more sense. Knowing who will be using the hot tub regularly can help with your decisions.

How Much Use Will Your Hot Tub Get?

Knowing how often you’ll be using your hot tub will give you some idea on the type of warranty that will work for you. If you plan on using it every day you might want to look into how much it will cost to run. If you plan on leaving it idle for stretches of time, you’ll want to know more about its standby power usage.

What Kind of Body Type Do You Have?

Most hot tubs are built for the average sized person. If your body type is different from the average person you may want to check out features such as the seating area very carefully. You don’t want to end up with something that’s uncomfortable for you. If possible, try the hot tub before you buy it. At least you won’t be in for any unwanted surprises.

Where Will the Hot Tub Go?

There will be different considerations if you’re looking at an indoor or outdoor hot tub. That said, no matter what type you get, you need to make sure that the hot tub will fit through any doors, gates and tight areas and make sure it will fit in the installation site. It happens more often than necessary that the hot tub is delivered but won’t fit where the new owners want it. Don’t let this happen to you by measuring carefully.

How Will You Accessorize?

Choosing accessories is where you get to make your hot tub your own. From sound and lighting systems to built-in exercise gear, from full foam insulations to energy efficient water heaters, accessories can make your dream hot tub come true. Of course, the more you have, the higher the price, but this is how you end up with a personalized unit.

Now that you know what to look for when buying a hot tub, learn more about their benefits by downloading a hot tub buyer’s guide.

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