What Do I Need To Know Before Buying A Swim Spa

What Do I Need To Know Before Buying A Swim Spa

If you’re in the market for a new swim spa, you should be asking yourself some questions before you show up at the dealership. This remains true for those who already own a swim spa as much as it does for first-time buyers. Analyzing all the variables associated with swim spa ownership will help reduce, and hopefully eliminate buyer’s remorse. If you’re asking, “What do I need to know before buying a swim spa?” we’ve got the guide to help you out.

Where Will The Swim Spa Be Installed?

Having a firm idea of where the swim spa will go before you buy it will prevent a lot of potential hassle and headaches. It happens far more often than it should, but sometimes people underestimate the amount of space required to deliver and install a swim spa. Having the space available for the dimensions of the swim spa is one thing, but planning for maintenance access and delivery will increase the leeway that needs to be provided for installation and operation. Make sure you know the swim spa will fit through any narrow passages on its travels from the delivery truck to its final destination. If not, hoisting it into place with a crane may be necessary. Swim spas may be known for being a compact alternative to a full-sized swimming pool, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore where it will be installed.

How Will The Swim Spa Be Used?

Swim spas are versatile in that they can be used by people of all swimming abilities. That being said, a competitive swimmer might want a different model than one that will primarily be used by young children. If you foresee your swim spa being a place for relaxing and socializing, you’ll probably choose a different model than someone trying to stay in shape for the next Olympic Games. You should also pay attention to the body types of those who will be using the swim spa the most. Taller people are usually better suited to longer swim spas. When you have a choice of tank length that ranges from 12 to 19 feet, finding what suits your size should be taken into consideration. Ask yourself how the swim spa will be used before making a buying decision.

How Much Will A Swim Spa Cost?

A swim spa will cost more than what the showroom price tag displays. Unfortunately, that’s just the beginning of your expenses. Among other things, you’ll also need to take into consideration the delivery costs. Some dealerships include delivery in the sticker price, but you may need to pay extra if that delivery requires the use of a crane. You’ll need to have a solid foundation for the swim spa to sit upon, whether that be a six inch concrete pad, reinforced deck or some other stable, level surface. An electrician will need to be hired to install a 220 volt GFCI protected circuit and connect it to the swim spa. Accessories such as a swim spa cover and lifter, steps and any other bells and whistles will also need to be accounted for. You’ll also have recurring operating costs such as electricity, water, chemical additives, maintenance and upkeep. Make sure you have a good idea of the overall cost of owning a swim spa before you buy.

What Kind Of Weather Will The Swim Spa Be Used In?

Swim spas are unique in that they can be operated in all types of weather, extreme cold isn’t a limitation. However, each swim spa is built for a certain type of weather. Those built for use in colder climates have extra insulation to prevent the water from freezing. If you live in a part of the country that remains relatively warm all year round, you might not need extra insulation. However, you may need to protect your investment from UV rays. Ask yourself what kind of weather your swim spa will encounter and buy accordingly.

If you need more information to help make your buying decision, download a free swim spa buyer’s guide today.

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