What Do Hot Tubs Cost to Run?

For those considering a hot tub purchase, a common and very legitimate concern is what do hot tubs cost to run? All hot tubs will require regular water testing and the specialized chemicals required to keep the water well balanced may amount to about $20 per month. Although the cost of electricity needed to run a hot tub will depend on your local area, you probably won’t see an increase in your electricity bill of more than a dollar or two a day. To find out what you can do to keep the cost of running a hot tub to a minimum, check out these cost-saving tips.

Reduce the Water Temperature

Most hot tub manufacturers recommend that you keep your hot tub water at about 104 degrees Fahrenheit. But the fact is that dropping the water temperature by a degree or few can noticeably reduce your electricity bills without affecting your comfort in the water. Try adjusting the temperature to as low as 100 degrees Fahrenheit to see if you still find it comfortable. The lower temperature might not even be noticeable – except by your wallet!

Get A Hot Tub Cover

A hot tub cover can save you money in several different ways. For one, it’ll insulate the water from the environment when it’s not in use and reduce the amount of heat dissipation. It will also prevent evaporation which will lower the number of chemicals you’ll need to keep the water balanced. A hot tub cover will also decrease the amount of debris such as leaves, insects, and dust that gets into the water meaning your maintenance efforts and costs will be lowered.

Shield the Water from The Wind

Water evaporation is a surprising, but very real factor in increasing the costs of running a hot tub. It’s not so much the water that will end up costing you, it’s the chemicals needed to keep the water balanced. When installing your hot tub, keep in mind the effects of any potential wind currents when placing it. If your tub is already installed, you might consider surrounding it by walls or a protective barrier of trees, shrubs or other plants.

Keep Your Water Clean

Not only is clean water essential for a safe and healthy hot tub, but dirty water will also increase your costs. If you ignore a regular cleaning schedule, you’ll need to use more chemicals to keep the water clean. Dirty water also puts more pressure on your filter and pump system which can cause expensive problems. Follow the maintenance schedule recommended by your hot tub manufacturer to ensure clean, safe and inexpensive bathing.

If you’d like to learn more about what it costs to run a hot tub, download a free hot tub buyer’s guide today.

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