What Can You Do with a Swim Spa

What Can You Do with a Swim Spa?

Swim spas are a great alternative for keen swimmers who don’t have space for a lap pool or full-sized swimming pool. The compact size of swim spas allows them to be installed in smaller spaces that are more typically available to modern-day urban dwellers. But what can you do with a swim spa? If you’re looking for ideas, this article is here to help you out.

Swim, of Course!

“Swim spa” would be a seriously misleading name if you weren’t able to swim! However, the continuous and powerful flow of water means that the swimmer is kept in spot as they paddle. They’ll never reach the edge of the spa or need to stop and turn around. This allows swim spas to remain compact. Most models are 20 to 30 feet shorter than the typical lap pool or swimming pool. The adjustability of the swimming current ensures that it can be used by all types of swimmers, from the strongest competitive athlete to the first-time learner.

Hot Tub!

If you were trying to decide between a swimming pool or a hot tub, the swim spa has been created to allow you to have both at once! Most swim spas are kitted out with massaging water jets and molded seats to replicate the hot tub experience. Simply dial up the water temperature for an authentic hydrotherapy session. Some swim spas have dual-temperature zones to allow water temperatures comfortable for swimming as well as those more appropriate for hot tubbing to exist at the same time.

Cool Off!

If too much heat is not your thing, a swim spa can be used as a cooling plunge pool. If it’s extremely hot outside you can simply turn off your water heater to provide a refreshing respite from the stifling ambient temperatures. Swim spas also provide enough space that you can entertain friends and guests as you cool off.


Although known for their compact size, swim spas are still large enough that you can host several guests and play all types of different games. Floating nets play sports like volleyball, basketball or pickleball. Games like beer pong, poker and chess take on a whole new dimension when they’re happening in the water. You can also add a tether and ride the water current to allow yourself to boogie board, kayak or bodysurf. If watersports are on your mind, a swim spa provides the ideal setting.


Swim spas provide enough room to perform a wide variety of different exercises. Exercising in water provides an extra challenge while also making many movements safer. Exercises such as walking, jogging and yoga are possible without any specialized equipment. Or you can splash out and set yourself up with a rowing simulator or water resistant weight set. If you’re looking for something different from your regular dry land training regime, a swim spa can revitalize your workout.

Winter Recreation

Another appealing feature of swim spas is the ability to use them in cold winter temperatures. The comparatively small amount of water in a swim spa allows the ability to keep the water from freezing when the ambient temperatures drop below freezing. This is something that isn’t easily done with a lap pool or full-sized swimming pool. If you want your swimming season to last all year round, regardless of the climatic zone you live in, a swim spa will provide you with the means.

Now that you’ve learned what you can do with a swim spa, download a free buyer’s guide to arm yourself with some extra information.

Swim Spa Guide

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