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What are Above Ground Pool Sizes

Once you’ve decided that you want to install an above ground swimming pool in your backyard, you’ll need to figure out what size of pool will work best for you. What are above ground pool sizes that are available these days? In this article, we’ll go over some of the things you need to think about when choosing a pool size as well as some of the more popular types that are on the market.

Measuring for An Above Ground Pool

When you’re looking at where you want to install your new pool you’ll have to keep in mind that some types of above ground pools (usually oval pools) need an extra yard or so around the periphery to allow for buttressing. Buttresses are supportive joists that sit at an angle around the outside edge of the pool to keep the walls stable. And although most round pools (and nowadays some oval pools) don’t require buttressing, this is something that should be confirmed before any final measurement decisions are made.

Pool Wall Height

Pool wall height refers to the height of the pool wall as measured from the ground. Most above ground swimming pool wall heights are available in only a couple of different measurements. The most common height is 52 inches. You’ll likely also run into a shorter 48-inch wall. Taller walls may be available these days, but the 52-inch size is the most popular and readily available. 

Oval Versus Round

Probably because of the shape of public swimming pools and private inground pools, most people think of an oval shape when they think of a swimming pool. It may also be because people think swimming laps in an oval pool is more easily done than in a round pool. But when it comes to above ground pools, ovals are typically more expensive. A lot of this is due to the buttressing that’s necessary. Oval pools also require a bit more labor and expertise when it comes to installation which may increase their cost.

Above Ground Pool Sizes

When it comes to above ground pools, you’re pretty much limited in the choice of sizes available to you. Unlike inground pools that are custom-built, above ground pools are pre-manufactured and come in a set number of sizes. That said, you shouldn’t have much problem finding a size that meets your needs. When it comes to round swimming pools the most common sizes range from 15 feet in diameter up to 27 feet in diameter with incremental sizing’s going up three feet at a time. For oval swimming pools, your size options are typically more limited. The most common sizes are 15 feet by 30 feet or the larger 18 by 33 feet. Just remember that the outer measurements of the oval pools might also need to take into account extra room for buttressing.

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