Versatile Activities for Your Swim Spa

A swim spa is a pool, gym, hot tub, and wave pool in one, but to get the most out of its versatility, you need to know about the wide range of activities it can be used for.

Below, you’ll find out about popular activities you can incorporate into your swim spa experience.

Fitness Activities

One major reason people purchase swim spas is to improve their fitness level. Not only are swim spas terrific places for swimming, but you can also incorporate a variety of additional exercise options to keep your workout fresh.

With their adjustable speed and resistance options, you can make your workout harder or easier and change the intensity level for users of different ability levels. By investing in accessories, you’ll also create many new workout options for yourself.

If you’re a runner, a tether cord can provide a low-impact alternative to running that is just as challenging. In addition, you can combine the tether cord with a rowing kit to create a rowing workout. Water weights and dumbbells are other ways to help you build muscle while improving your cardiovascular health and endurance.

Training for Competitive Athletes

Competitive swimmers, triathletes, and runners can all use a swim spa as part of their training program. You can run, swim, or walk against the current or do these activities as a low-impact way to recover from your outside training sessions. Many swim spas feature options for interval training, will record time and distance, and can be used to time yourself so you can gauge your speed.

If you’re a triathlete, a swim spa is an especially ideal training space because it simulates open water swimming more than a swimming pool. You’ll be unable to stop on the wall to rest or push off and glide, all of which will be true during your race. You can also practice your transitions between water and bike so you’re ready for race conditions.

Fun and Relaxation

Even if you invested in your swim spa to get in better shape, it’s also an incredible place for fun and relaxation. Kids can play in the wave pool or attach an anchor to the tether cord to create a boogie board or knee boarding experience.

In addition, adults can relax in the heated massage area after a workout or use this area for entertaining. Ice buckets, lighting, stereos, and attachable bars can further enhance the atmosphere.

Now that you’ve learned how to make your swim spa experience even more versatile, download our buyer’s guide to find out more about our wide range of options.

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