Understanding Average 4 Person Hot Tub Dimensions

Many people looking for hot tubs want to know about “standard” hot tub size, especially when they’re considering a hot tub for a specific number of people. While knowing the size of your hot tub before you buy is important, it’s also important to understand how hot tub dimensions work.

Below you’ll learn about the varying dimensions of a 4 person hot tub and find out how to best determine whether a hot tub will fit in your space.

Hot Tub Size and Weight

If you’re ready to invest in a hot tub and have done any online research, you may have noticed that hot tub size and weight vary by brand as well as by shape. If you think about it, this makes sense. A deep, round hot tub will have different dimensions than a square, more shallow model.

In addition, each brand has different ideas about the best design for a particular hot tub, so even if a hot tub is made for a specific number of people, its dimensions might be quite different from another hot tub in a different shape or by a different manufacturer.

Choosing a Hot Tub for Your Space

The best way to find out whether a hot tub will fit in your space is to research several models online and make note of their dimensions. Even better, measuring your outdoor space and determining how much space you want your hot tub to take up before you begin your research can help you exclude options that won’t be the right fit.

As you investigate, remember that some 4-person hot tubs may have dimensions that are comparable to other 5- or even 6-person hot tubs, so you can’t always rely on the number of people a hot tub will hold to determine the dimensions. If you know you’ll want a more spacious soak, it may be worth it to look at hot tubs built to accommodate more guests.

Wet Testing

Once you’ve decided on a few hot tubs that will be the right fit for your space, you can add another step to help you determine which shape, design, and dimensions are right for your needs. Visit your dealer and ask to “wet test” the hot tub. This will allow you to sit in the hot tub and make sure it’s spacious enough for the number of people that will likely use it. Pay attention to the space surrounding each seat as well as how much room there is in the footwell.

Hopefully this post has given you new ways to think about hot tub dimensions. If you have questions during your search, the best thing to do is ask your dealer. To start looking for your next hot tub and to compare dimensions of a variety of exceptional hot tubs, download our buyer’s guide.

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