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How Much Is the Total Cost to Install a Hot Tub?

The installation process is one of the most important aspects of adding a hot tub to your home. It requires careful planning, which also includes getting ready financially. Below, we’ll break down the costs involved in setting up a spa, so you can create a realistic budget and make smart decisions for your home retreat. Here’s what you should know!

Factors Affecting the Cost of Hot Tub Installation

Hot tub prices can vary widely, which means what you’ll spend for a backyard oasis can range from a few thousand to tens of thousands. Aside from the base price of the hot tub or spa itself, the total cost of ownership includes installation and ongoing expenses. For now, we’re going to focus on the installation costs. Here are the key factors that can affect how much you can expect to spend when setting up your spa:

Size of The Hot Tub

One of the most important cost factors for installation is hot tub size. Essentially, the bigger the hot tub, the more resources and effort may be needed to set it up properly. The shape also matters. Spas come in various shapes, and they can affect how much work is needed for installation. For example, a square or rectangular spa may fit more neatly into designated spaces, making the setup simpler. Circular models, on the other hand, might require more precise positioning.

Type of Hot Tub Setup

How you choose to set up your spa also influences installation costs. In-ground hot tubs are typically more expensive because they involve excavation and additional construction work. On the other hand, above-ground hot tub installation is generally more straightforward, putting it at the lower end of the price range. Portable hot tubs and inflatable hot tubs fall under this category. They usually just need a sturdy platform and the preparation needed is quite minimal. Your local hot tub dealer can give more specific advice when it comes to the different installation options you can choose from.

The Shell’s Material

The overall build and material can also affect the cost of a hot tub and its installation. Heavier materials will typically cost more, as weight influences transportation, positioning, and foundation needs. For instance, installing an acrylic hot tub will cost more than a spa made with rotomolded plastic. Additionally, some materials may require specialized installation techniques.

Hot Tub Location

Are you planning to place your hot tub in the backyard or do you want it indoors? Where your hot tub will be located plays a big role in installation fees. An outdoor hot tub might cost less because it’s relatively easy to install, but you may need to consider factors such as it going on a solid, stable surface. On the other hand, setting up an indoor hot tub may require additional measures such as reinforced flooring and ventilation. Keep in mind that accessibility can also impact costs in terms of delivery.

Features and Upgrades

How much you’ll spend can also vary based on the type of hot tub you choose and how advanced its features are. Some high-end models cost more because the installation is more complex. They might also have upgrades that come with additional wiring, contributing to the total expenses. On the other hand, basic hot tubs typically have fewer features, resulting in a simpler and less costly setup process.

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Hot Tub?

Because of all the different factors involved, you’ll find a wide range of budget estimates for spa installation. It can be as low as $500 or as high as $25,000. Here’s an overview of the key expenses that are typically included in the total amount:


Delivery fees are usually included in the price of the spa package, but they can vary depending on the size of your hot tub, your location, and the dealer’s policies. In some cases, you might need to pay extra for a crane, especially if you live far away or some obstacles can make it harder to get the hot tub to your chosen location. This can cost anywhere between $500 and $2,000+. Third-party crane companies might handle this service, so it’s a good idea to inquire about potential additional charges.

Concrete Pad or Base

You need to make sure that you place your spa on a stable surface that supports the weight of the hot tub, the water in it, and the people who will use it. If your chosen location doesn’t already have a suitable foundation for your hot tub, you may need to budget for the cost of pouring a concrete pad. The service charge is usually calculated per square foot.

Do note that concrete isn’t your only choice. Other types of hot tub foundations include reinforced pavers, deck or patio. Each option has its own set of advantages, so the best choice depends on your budget and how much support your hot tub requires. Installing a solid base can cost you anywhere from $500 to $15,000.

Plumbing and Electrical Installation

Hot tubs need power to run, making electrical installation an essential part of the setup. The process involves connecting the spa to a circuit breaker and putting the right wiring connections in place. Hiring a licensed electrician for these services can cost between $1,500 to $3,000. Additionally, there should be a dedicated power source within five feet of the hot tub. Otherwise, you may have to pay extra to have one installed.

As for plumbing, the basic setup process is usually included in most spa packages. However, if you chose a location for your hot tub that isn’t ideal for proper drainage, you might need to budget extra for installing water lines.

Additional Hot Tub Installation Costs

Extra Labor Costs

Aside from the basic tasks involved in installing your hot tub, there might be additional work needed. These could include structural modifications, adjustments to the site, or addressing unexpected challenges. Different types of hot tubs require different levels of effort. For instance, installing an in-ground or below-ground hot tub can involve more complex tasks like excavation and site preparation for a waterproof vault. Custom and intricate designs may also demand specialized labor.

Landscaping Elements

Landscape planning is essential for building a hot tub area with an inviting and relaxing atmosphere. Elements like plants, stones, or lighting can make a big difference. Some people also choose to add a pergola or a gazebo for added shade and privacy. All these details can add to the final cost of landscaping, so it’s important to include them in your overall budget. Another thing to keep in mind is that a beautifully landscaped outdoor area adds value to a home, making it a worthwhile investment.

Permits and Other Requirements

Before purchasing a hot tub, find out if you need any permits or if there are rules for installation in your area. Check with your local authorities for this information, and be aware that there could be fees associated with getting permits.

The Final Hot Tub Cost Depends on Your Specific Choices

As you can see, the total price of getting a hot tub isn’t set in stone. It really boils down to the choices you make throughout the process. Every decision you make can add up to the final installation bill, so take time to plan the details and how they fit into your budget. This can take you one step closer to your dream spa experience, allowing you to enjoy all the incredible benefits of a hot tub without breaking the bank.

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