Top Benefits for Swimming in the Summer

With the arrival of the warmer weather comes a welcomed series of summertime rituals. Barbecues, camping, suntanning, beaches, and of course, swimming! Swimming becomes much more popular in the Summer, and for good reason. Although it’s possible to swim in indoor pools all year round, it just isn’t quite the same unless you’re doing it outdoors on a hot Summer day. For those who have forgotten about this favorite summertime physical activity, we list the top benefits for swimming in the Summer, whether it be in a traditional pool or swim spa.

Great for Keeping Cool

Summertime temperatures can be oppressive for those who are exposed to the heat for days or weeks at a time. Workers who are forced to labor outdoors, people whose living spaces don’t have easy access to fresh air and those of us who are carrying a few more pounds than we ought to can find the Summer season a tough one. However, spending some free time in the swimming pool can make all this much more bearable. During extended heat waves you may even find that your local public swimming pool will extend their opening hours. Take advantage of the cooling effects of the water to make the Summer heat more tolerable. Take some time out to go for a swim.

Great for Keeping Fit

Swimming is one of the best all-round exercises that we can undertake. Not only does it work your cardiovascular system and your muscles, but the buoyant tendencies of water also make it ideal for those of us who suffer from bone or joint pain. If the doctor has ordered high impact exercise off limits for you, swimming is a great alternative. Work on your muscle tone and give your heart and lungs a good workout while burning off those extra calories by spending more time in the swimming pool or swim spa this Summer.

Great for Honing Your Competitive Instinct

If your municipality has a public swimming pool, you can be sure it also has a competitive swimming team. As a much more organized form of “I’ll race you to the other end,” competitive swimming is a great way to get in shape while benefiting from the camaraderie of being part of a group. Although intrinsically an individual sport, competitive swimming is most commonly trained for and performed in a team setting. Competitions, known as swim meets, typically organize races in freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly, or a combination of all four, depending on sex and age group. As a beginner, you may not find yourself bringing home any ribbons for winning a competition, but you’ll definitely increase your stamina and your circle of acquaintances.

Great for Socializing

More often than not, people swim just for the fun of it. Hanging out in and near the water with friends and family is one of the reasons that summertime is so much fun. If you’re looking to spend some quality time with your family and friends, nothing brings people together as a swimming pool does. Throw in some pool toys, some shelter from the sun, and a picnic basket and you’ve got the makings of some great Summer memories.

Now that you know the benefits of Summer swimming, download a swim spa buyer’s guide to learn more about the health and wellness benefits.

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